Mission Log: AF2.17/2

Atari Force #17, backup story
May 1985
"Rats Like Us!"
Starring: Pakrat
7 pages

Writer/editor:Andy Helfer
Artist:Mike Chen
Embellisher:Joe DelBeato
Letterst:Bob Lappan
Colorist:Tom Ziuko

Rident captures Pakrat. Ferra didn't know they were brothers. The Olys are one of the few law-abiding Markian families. Rident feels Pakrat has shamed his family, which is why he pursues him so doggedly. They have to smuggle Pakrat out since there's no extradition treaty. This means uncuffing him. Just before going through the metal detector, Ferra slips the necklace she's still hiding in the fur around her neck into Rident's pocket. He fishes it out of his pocket after the detector goes off and is promptly escorted away by spaceport security. Meanwhile Pakrat and Ferra take a paid trip to New Earth.


  1. Page 2: Rident says he is "an ATARI security man," but according to the early issues he is a customs agent with NO extradition treaties with New Earth. This mistake is perpetuated throughout the story.
  2. Page 4: Rident and Pakrat's flight is number 666. Not only is this the sign of the beast, it was DC's street number at the time. (666 Fifth Ave.)
  3. Pages 5-7. Mike and Fred (see their badges on page 3) seem to disappear after page 5, panel 1. You think they'd help Rident sort things out and prevent Pakrat from leaving. It also might have made more sense to send a guard through before Pakrat and Ferra.

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