Mission Log: AF2.17/1

[Cover of Atari Force #17]
Atari Force #17, main story
May 1985
"If Thine Eye Offend Thee..."
16 pages

Cover: Paris Cullins (designer), Ed Hannigan (design), & Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (penciller & inker)
Writer:Mike Baron
Penciller:Ed Barreto
Inker:Ricardo Villagran
Letterer:Bob Lappan
Colorist:Tom Ziuko
Editor:Andy Helfer

The Tazlings give Blackjak a new eye (whether he wants it or not). They are also ravaging the food stores, quadrupling their mass in two hours. Dart makes contact with Tempest, confirming New Earth hasn't been destroyed. Rident finds an organic implant of the Dark Destroyer apparently removed from Blackjak. Morphea discovers Kargg came from a group of hunters. The Dark Destroyer appeared to him like a god and he was taught cruelty by the Destroyer. Now a part of the Destroyer survives in Kargg's brain, but Morphea destroys it, restoring Kargg's true personality. She takes him to the bridge where he personally apologizes for the troubles he caused, "but [he has] not been [him]self lately."


The original cover art for this issue is available in the Gallery.


  1. Cover: Ed Hannigan's last name is misspelled "Hanniagan." I initially wondered how he could misspell his own name, but received the following note from him after he found this page:
    "I did not misspell my own name on the cover of Atari Force #17. I didn't pencil that cover. I believe I did the cover sketch and Jose pencilled and inked it. He might have added my name in there since I designed it, and he probably misspelled it."
  2. Lettercol: In the final letter response, it says Andy Helfer and Bill Willingham are working on Dart's origin. Bill Willingham was not one of the chroniclers of AF3/1.

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