Mission Log: AF2.16/2

Atari Force #16, backup story
Apr 1985
Starring: Pakrat
7 pages

Writer/editor:Andy Helfer
Pencils:Mike CHen
Inks:Joe Delbeato
Letters:Bob Lappan
Colors:Carl Gafford

Pakrat goes into his fighting rage, but the guard just picks him up and holds him away from him. Then he accidentally throws him through the window instead of against the wall. Ferra catches him in her aircar, but the police now give chase. Ferra and Pakrat lose them and hide in an apartment owned by Ferra's father. Ferra disappears, so Pakrat looks for her and find her in the hangar with his brother Rident (a law officer).


  1. Page 6: The newscaster is a Sontaran from Doctor Who.

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