Mission Log: AF2.16/1

[Cover of Atari Force #16]
Atari Force #16, main story
Apr 1985
16 pages

Cover: Ed Hannigan (designer), Paris Cullins (penciller), & Jose Garcia-Lopez (inker)
Writer:Mike Baron
Penciller:Ed Barreto
Inker:Ricardo Villagran
Letterer:Bob Lappan
Colorist:Carl Gafford
Editor:Andy Helfer

Babe shakes off the swarming insects, but specialized warrior ants slip on board Scanner One. Babe clears the thrust plates and Atari Force is off. Afterwards, Dart gets a mental message from Tempest, proving New Earth still exists. She takes her news to the bridge. Meanwhile, Taz gives birth to ten children. As the ants attack the bridge, the Tazlings come to the rescue. Tazlings start out smart, but lose their skills and have to relearn them. The Tazlings disappear. They've find Blackjak and knock him out.


  1. Lettercol: Although the credits say Carl Gafford colored this issue, Andy Helfer still thanks Tom Ziuko instead.

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