Mission Log: AF2.15/2

Atari Force #15, backup story
Mar 1985
"To Catch a Pakrat!"
Starring: Pakrat
7 pages

Writer:Andy Helfer
Pencils:Mike Chen
Inks:Joe DelBeato
Letters:Bob Lappan
Colors:Tom Ziuko
Editor:Andy Helfer (uncredited)

Sometime before he joined Atari Force, Pakrat is going to steal an ambassador's jewels. As he climbs in a window, he finds Ferra, another Markian thief (and daughter of a wealthy industrialist). A guard comes in and she makes out with Pakrat, getting Pakrat into the party downstairs. Then she throws a punch bowl at him and accuses him of making unsavory advances on her as she stalks out. One of the guards discovers the jewels are missing and accuses Pakrat. (Ferra actually has them.) Pakrat goes up and tries to get out as he got in, but one of the guards has taken his hook and line and now has him cornered.


  1. Page 4, panel 1: Note J'onn J'Jonzz (the Martian Manhunter) on the right.
  2. Page 5: The alien that says "No more Draconian loose juice?" looks like E.T.

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