Mission Log: AF2.14/2

Atari Force #14, backup story
Feb 1985
"A Babe in Arms"
Starring: Babe
7 pages

Writer:Dave Manak
Artist:Klaus Janson
Letterer:Bob Lappan
Editor:Andy Helfer

Babe is resting peacefully on his mother, the mountain, when a new boulder/baby comes in and knocks him out. On the ground, he witnesses two spaceships fighting in the sky and follows them to their landing site. A bunch of cannibalistic aliens start to attack the other pilot when Babe shows up. They try to eat Babe, but it only tickles. They think he's an attacking monster and run away in their ship. The grateful pilot realizes Babe is a baby and helps him get back to his mother. He even calls him Babe! Babe is secure back with his mother when another boulder comes bounding down.


  1. How did Babe learn to talk?

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