Mission Log: AF2.12/2

Atari Force #12, backup story
Dec 1984
"Do Unto Others"
Starring: Hukka
7 pages

Story, Pencil Art:Keith Giffen
Ink Art:Ernie Colon
Letter Art:Bob Lappan
Color Art:Tom Ziuko
Edit Art:Andy Helfer

Hukka chases a blue, two-legged lizard that goes "squark." After he catches it, a large carnivore appears and is about to eat Hukka when an even larger, flying carnivore eats it. Hukka lets the squark go and leaves to find Babe. The squark chases a yellow, four-legged insect.


  1. This story would appear to take place during AF#8. When else would both Hukka and Babe be on an alien, life-sustaining planet together?

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