Mission Log: AF2.10

[Cover of Atari Force #10]
Atari Force #10
Oct 1984
"Home is the Hero"
23 pages

Cover:Jose Garcia-Lopez
Story:Gerry Conway
Art:Jose Garcia-Lopez
Inks:Ed Barreto
Letters:Bob Lappan
Colors:Tom Ziuko
Edits:Andy Helfer

Dart and Blackjak have a reunion, but Martin Champion doesn't trust him. Taz has stomach pains and goes off to be alone. Tempest visits Melissa Jamieson, his ex-girlfriend, but she orders her guard robot to grab him. He escapes and she calls Hunter, who figures he'll visit Dr. Orion next. Meanwhile, the Dark Destroyer retrieves the core of a radioactive, anti-matter asteroid. Back on Scanner One, Blackjak tells how the Dark Destroyer saved him from death in the plasma bridge of the binary stars and held him prisoner. He escaped just in time to see Dart and Pakrat take off. He followed and eventually caught up with Scanner One. Back on New Earth, Tempest has gone to see Dr. Orion, but Tempest is in bad shape, so Orion starts treating him. When he wakes up, Orion relates AF1.05 to him. Just as Tempest tells him the Dark Destroyer is still alive and in human form, Hunter bursts in and arrests him. Dr. Orion had set him up, but now has second thoughts.


  1. Page 5: Tempest's sling disappeared. Guess his arm magically healed on his last jump through the multiverse.
  2. Page 17: How did Blackjak get aboard _Scanner One_ without tripping off their sensors?
  3. Page 18: The captions say Dr. Lucas has never proven their mothers' exposure to the multiverse gave Dart and Tempest their powers. Possibly a plot element that was lost.
  4. Page 23: If they're arresting Tempest, how come everyone but Hunter has their guns on Dr. Orion? And even he isn't pointing his gun at Tempest, but is holding it pointed at the ceiling.

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