Mission Log: AF2.05

[Cover of Atari Force #5]
Atari Force #5
May 1984
"Dark Dawn"
25 pages

Cover:Jose Garcia-Lopez
Writer:Gerry Conway
Penciller:Ross Andru
Inker:Jose Garcia-Lopez
Letterer:Bob Lappan
Colorist:Tom Ziuko
Editor:Andy Helfer
Special thanks:Joe Orlando

Martin Champion, Dart, Tempest, and Hukka set about stealing Scanner One. Morphea has followed Champion to see what he's up to. She agrees to accompany them as a doctor if they'll help her return Babe to Egg. Pakrat jumps on board, fleeing his brother, Rident, as the entrance ramp is closing. Rident gets the permission and equipment from ATARI to track down the new Atari Force. Meanwhile, Atari Force discovers Pakrat. Champion destroys their nav-chip so the Dark Destroyer can't use it to get back to New Earth. Tempest will have to guide them home when the time comes. Atari Force finds the Dark Destroyer's ship, just as the Dark Destroyer planned. Also, unknown to Atari Force, Rident is observing.


  1. Doesn't the nav-chip seem fragile for something so important? All Martin did to smash it was drop it on the deck.
  2. If the Dark Destroyer already has the probe's nav-chip, why did Scanner One's need to be destroyed?
  3. On the plus side, they're still calling it "break-out" when they reenter a universe.

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