Mission Log: AF1.03

[Cover of Atari Force mini-comic #3]
Atari Force mini-comic #3
"Enter--The Dark Destroyer"/"Planet of the Doomed!"/"Star Raiders!"
48 pages

Creators & writers: Gerry Conway & Roy Thomas
Visual concepts:Ross Andru
Art: Gil Kane, Dick Giordano, Mike DeCarlo
Design:Neal Pozner
Lettering:John Costanza
Coloring:Adrienne Roy
Editor:Dick Giordano

In between universes, a planet-sized, octopus-like creature grabs Scanner One and tries to crush it. Atari Force escapes by having the computer kick in the dimensional warp engines on full, creating a power surge. Unable to control where they reappear in normal space, they end up above a dead, Earth-like world where they have to set down to make repairs to the engines. As they investigate, Hukka appears and decides he likes Singh. They split up and then Champion and Orion are attacked by spaceships. Another appears out of the ground and makes short work of the attackers. When it lands, O'Rourke, Singh, and Hukka are inside. Hukka led them to the ship and a jewel which shows them how the world used to be before the Zylons attacked and destroyed it. Everyone but Orion is inspired to vengeance. While O'Rourke and Champion battle Zylons in the Star Raider, Orion discovers the Zylons are controlled by the Dark Destroyer, so Orion, Perez, and Singh go to find it. They do, and seem to destroy it with an overloaded probe. Meanwhile, the Star Raider is in trouble and saved when the Dark Destroyer is attacked. The two teams regroup back at the planet. They leave again, taking Hukka with them as it is revealed to the reader that the Dark Destroyer is not gone.

Note: This issue contains a "Fact File" on Martin Champion.


  1. There are lots of contradictions between this comic and the Star Raiders graphic novel. See the SR annotations for details.
  2. Page 40: For this page only, the aliens are called "Krylons" instead of "Zylons." I believe that in the Atari 8-bit versions of Star Raiders, the aliens are Krylons instead of Zylons. Why they changed it for the 2600 version, I don't know, but it would appear the change was made after this issue was completed and this page was missed during the corrections process.
  3. Page 48: The "fact file" for Martin Champion says the lunar colony rescue was in 1999, not 1998.
  4. Page 48: The fact file also says Champion flew a Mars Mission. This is never mentioned anywhere else and is probably best ignored.

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