Mission Log: AF1.01

[Cover of Atari Force mini-comic #1]
Atari Force mini-comic #1
"Intruder Alert!"/"Deadly Orbit"/"Final Approach"
48 pages

Creators & writers: Gerry Conway & Roy Thomas
Visual concepts & art: Ross Andru, Dick Giordano, Mike DeCarlo
Design:Neal Pozner
Lettering:John Costanza
Coloring:Adrienne Roy
Special photographic effects: Jack Ryniec, George Kerrigan
Editor:Dick Giordano

In the year 2005, a female intruder with a Gaelic accent infiltrates ATARI HQ in Northcal (formerly known as California). Meanwhile, in Earth orbit, Martin Champion saves ATARI Solar Satellite Station One from a run-away solar panel. While Dr. Lucas Orion is tending the shoulder he used to block it in sick-bay, both are summoned to a "crash priority" meeting of the Project: Multiverse team, a project neither knows anything about. On the way to Earth, Champion remembers how he first met Lydia Perez on a rescue mission for the lunar colonists after an attack on it by unnamed enemies in 1998. This led to the Five Day War which left the Earth with no more traditional nation-states and a food shortage, among other problems. He wonders why Perez seemed so cold during the summons. The two are met and driven to ATARI HQ by Perez. On the way, Orion remembers his time with the last U.N. peace-keeping taskforce in Africa and his joining ATARI. As they enter the building, the intruder slips in behind them.


  1. Page 2: "Intruder alert" is one of the phrases spoken by the Berzerk arcade game.
  2. Champion says the lunar colony was attacked on 18 October 1998 and the war broke out a few days later (this issue), but O'Rourke says the war actually began on that date (AF1.02).
  3. Page 43: So, is ATARI related to Atari, Inc.? They're both in Sunnyvale, CA.

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