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 The NAFF Messages Search Engine is VERY Slow and will most likely time-out on the HiWaay host server, so I have added NAFF Archived Messages Index pages to help in searching.  Hopefully, these will be crawled by Google and will be available by using Google's search engine.  If and when Google indexes these pages, a form will/may be added here to make it easier to search.  For now, you can use this format on a Google search to try and find the archived message(s) you are looking for:  "search criteria"  e.g.

Go to and in the form field enter:  crappie structure

That should work and I will be working on the rest as I have time.  Until then, here are the index pages for all of the NAFF archived mesasges.

 NAFF Message Archive - 4000   NAFF Message Archive - 7000   NAFF Message Archive - 10000
NAFF Message Archive - 13000   NAFF Message Archive - 16000   NAFF Message Archive - 19000

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