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The North Alabama Fishing Forum is dedicated to anyone interested in fishing the North Alabama area.  The forum is open to anyone who is interested in the North Alabama area for any type of fishing, as long as it is legal.

This is intended to be a "G" rated message forum suitable for all ages!  Personal attacks, foul language and off-color remarks of any kind are not acceptable!!!

Please DO NOT post "for sale" messages!!!  The NAFF is NOT a "for sale" or "classified ads" message board.   DO NOT attempt to operate your business on this site!  This is a non-commercial site and is NOT here to promote you, your business or sell your items or property.  Please see below for further info about NOT posting "advertisements" on the NAFF.

Please keep "personal" prejudice and politics out of this forum!  This forum is dedicated to North Alabama fishing and "fishing related" messages!  If you can't accept that, then please find another message forum!

OK, with that said, I hope you find this forum interesting and informative .  I will try to post regular updates on my experiences fishing the area and also the "hearsay" that I come across from the "locals".  If you have a specific question for me I will attempt to answer it, but remember that I am not an expert, I just love fishing!  That is what this forum is really all about; people who love fishing relating information and experiences to each other in order to help make everyone's fishing experience just that much better.  For more info on why the NAFF pages are here and how to contribute to their upkeep, please see the "mission statement" for the NAFF. Also, please take a look at the NAFF FAQ page!!!


The NAFF is a TOTALLY  non-commercial site!  This is to say that the NAFF makes NO profit whatsoever from these pages and the small amount of donations don't even make a dent in the cost of operations in terms of actual dollars spent, let alone the time and effort it takes to moderate the message board and attempt to keep the site current and up to date.

In keeping with that premise, I won't link directly to commercial site homepages.  However, if a commercial or other site has a page or pages which have useful information for the North Alabama area, I will consider linking to these pages.  Message boards that have already developed a following of loyal readers/posters will be considered, however, startup sites who are only trying to make a buck need not apply. (PERIOD)  This site is not here to promote, yet another site which is only a commercial venture.  Here again, the NAFF is not here to promote ANY site, product, service or other commercial venture!  Thanks for your cooperation!

I will consider the quality and value of the information on any given page as it pertains to the North Alabama area or Alabama area in general and fishing in general.

Note to "advertisers"or folks who want to promote their products or services here.  If you have REAL, FACTUAL and CURRENT information about fishing tactics, current fishing conditions or predictions, fishing reports, etc., for the North Alabama area, then please post your message......BUT,

If you are ONLY TRYING TO SELL YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE, THEN PLEASE FIND ANOTHER MESSAGE FORUM THAT ALLOWS ADVERTISING!  Blatant advertisements WILL BE CONSIDERED "SPAM" AND WILL BE DEALT WITH ACCORDING TO THE CURRENT LAWS CONCERNING "SPAM" MESSAGES!  They will be deleted ASAP as well as causing the IP address or entire block of IP addresses used by the offender to be blocked permanently from accessing the NAFF.  The NAFF administrator retains the right to make such determinations and those decisions are final. (period)

This includes "for sale" or "classified ad" type messages.  Please don't post them!

Please keep in mind that this is a NON-COMMERCIAL SITE and does NOT exist to promote you, your product or service!   The NAFF is only here to allow North Alabama fisherman and anyone interested in fishing the North Alabama area to have a place to share fishing information.  IF THE ONLY REASON YOU ARE POSTING IS TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE, THIS IS NOT THE MESSAGE FORUM FOR YOU!  Thanks for your cooperation.

'Nuff said... I hope!

The NAFF reserves the right to remove/delete ANY or ALL message(s) posted on the NAFF message board or ANY links on the NAFF site without prior notice or explanation and to block/ban any and all IP addresses or blocks of addresses which abuse the NAFF site.
I hope you find the NAFF site and message board interesting and informative.
Kerry Grissett

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