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Posted by Kerry Grissett on July 01, 2003 at 20:16:09:

In Reply to: Re: License possession / jd the poacher posted by jd on July 01, 2003 at 19:34:50:

I see your point jd, but no where does it say that it only relates to section 220-2-.44.

At the risk of being accused of interpreting the law, I still stand by the fact that no fish can legally be taken by a person who does not have a license and is required by law to have one. The wording in section 9-11-85 says nothing about the methods used. I conceed that the wording or lack of specific wording is poor legislative writing, but I think the intent of the law is clear. No one should gain from fishing illegally including fishing without a license.

I don't think the analogy to a speeding ticket is a good one. In that case, you are not stealing from the public although you *may* be a danger to the public.

There are 2 things I regret about this debate. I posted at least one message with words that I should not have used and because of that I could not delete some other messages from other folks that also used language that is not proper for this forum. And, I made some inflamatory remarks which did nothing to add to the debate. For these things I am truly sorry. Even in the heat of a good debate, as one poster said during the early part of the debate, there are too many words in the english language to use those which are inappropriate for a G rated forum.

There is one good thing that I hope has come out of this debate. I hope it has gotten more people than those who participated/are participating to take some time to really look at our game and fish laws. I know I found out some things I didn't know. It should also have pointed out the major problems we have with enforcing these same laws considering we have only a fraction of the officers needed to do the job. I have to say again that I was in no way trying to punish, crucify, or otherwise make Chris Champion's or any other game warden's job harder to do. Hopefully, some good changes will come out of all of this. I've got my fingers crossed, but I am certainly not holding my breath.

Thanks to all who have thoughtfully contributed to the debate.

Good luck and good fishin'


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