I want to thank you all.

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Posted by TroyJ on June 30, 2003 at 11:48:06:

I want to thank you all for some good, non-biased discussion regarding the "no-license" issue.

What set me off is how things don't add up.

Apparently he had the expired license in his possession, expired for several months. How many of us carry around our expired license after we've renewed it?

If he had a valid license, or thought he had one, why did he apparently tell the Warden he "called it in" when he was busted? Why not just tell the Warden you bought one, and it must have gotten lost or misplaced? The Warden was unable to verify he called it in, so apparently there is not record of that transaction.

He says he "now" remembers buying one along with his neighbor at a Wal-Mart in a certain month. If that's the case, why not just look at his neighbor's license number, then go to the book and find Arron Martens number, which should be in sequence above or below. They say it will take 3-6 weeks to verify. That book can't be that hard to find.

If they find it, the number better be close to the one his neighbor bought...8^) If his neighbor did buy one at the same time that is.

His story that he has a vaild licens really sounds fishy to me... the whole deal just didn't add up from the get go in my opinion. And as pointed out, if he did have it, he dang sure should have had it with him.

As a professional in the fishing industry who cares both about the pro side AND the regular weekend angler side, this does not sit well with me. We all have a right to expect better conduct from Pro's and the organizations using our public waters as a money making playground.

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