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Posted by BlueWater on June 25, 2003 at 17:14:14:

In Reply to: Re: bASS Tournaments posted by Mike Kelley on June 25, 2003 at 12:39:32:


Real funny! You should be a comedian... Actually, I kind of set myself up for a response such as yours because I failed to specify tournaments as "fishing" tournaments!

My problem with tournament FISHING is that it is DIRECTLY exploiting a PUBLIC resource for financial gain of a select few... very much like commercial fishing. As far as the advertising aspect goes, this is America and I know it is a capitalistic-based, successful society, HOWEVER, we as Americans do not know where to draw the line on how far darn near ANYTHING goes. Don't believe me - just take a look around at our society and then lets argue... you'll loose.

Jealous of the "professional" anglers making money - not hardly... I bet I make more money every year than 97% of those guys do in their BEST year. I just think it's gotten WAY out of hand - just like I think the money other "professional atheletes" make is a raging joke - especially when the majority are nothing more than knuckle-dragging drop-outs - but that's for some other forum!

As for BASS, FLW, SKA, SRA and all the other "tournament-based" fishing organizations - I don't like the concept. I also know it will never change... I guess my REAL grind is that these jokers with BASS, FLW and the untold thousand of other private and wildcat tournament formats, spout off catch and release - yet they haul the stupid fish all over the place while fishing, go to "weigh-in" with all the handling, etc then let them "go" and tell the public what great survival rates there are - I don't believe it! Show me a scientific study done by an independent third party that can validate the claims and make me a believer? Am I full of it? Well go to your local "wildcat" tournament or other bass club, grocery store sponsored, cell phone sponsored, etc, etc, ad nauseam tournament and see how "careful" these fish are handled and make your own assesment as to actual survival rates of the fish put back into the lake... it ought to make you puke! Then come blow smoke up my rear that tournament fishing does not have a negative impact on the fishery! BS!!!!! Catch and release is just that - catch it and let it go if it is not fatally hooked - right now! Catch and kill is fine too - as far as I'm concerned - if it get's put to good use and not wasted. But call a spade a spade!

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