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Posted by Mike Kelley on June 25, 2003 at 12:39:32:

In Reply to: bASS Tournaments posted by BlueWater on June 25, 2003 at 08:32:46:

AMEN! You're exactly right! I think they should OUTLAW all tournaments - baseball, basketball, college, Little League, Dixie Darlings, etc. OUTLAW them all. They are all ruining the sport...
I haven't been able to get a good fastball at the plate since the College World Series was on TV this weekend. And we got beat on Sunday because of the world series coverage, I'm sure. It's getting harder and harder to hit it out of the park and I bet it's those darn tournaments around here, especially those on TV! And you know what, if they don't OUTLAW all those baseball tournaments pretty soon you won't be able to find a tree, because they use wood for their bats... Trees will become extinct. Think of how many trees they kill to make those silly bats. And I bet they can't return a single bat back to the forest and check the mortality rates for a week, huh?
Imagine capitalistic people making money on fishing tournaments here in America! What are they thinking? Capitalism in America? Heck fire, everybody should work at a local job for minimum wage like in China and forget that capitalistic stuff. My God, can you imagine that? I bet they even make money on the Final Four and the College World Series, reckon? I hope not. That's a tournament and I think they should be OUTLAWED.
As for those numbnuts who fish on the tournaments wanting that publicity, SHAME ON THEM! I guess they think because they can travel across country and SPEND $40-60K yearly on expenses to fish in those lame national tournaments (that have crazy entry fees like last week's FLW's $2500 entry fee) that they should get some publicity for themselves and their sponsors (many who only give them a rod or some bait, no cash)! Man, where do they get off doing that? Who do they think they are anyway, NASCAR?
And I bet Roger Clemens played in local All Star tournaments when he was growing up. They should have outlawed those darn tournaments back then and maybe he wouldn't be where he's at today and making all that money and getting all that publicity, right? Then, thank goodness, all he could ever be is a average person like you and me. Right, BlueWater?
As for the "PRO" fishermen, I will say this - there are some real A-H#L#S out there. But, so are many of the top pros in other sports, right?

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