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Posted by BlueWater on June 25, 2003 at 08:32:46:

With all the ridiculous laws we have on the books - and being a person that feels strongly that another LAW is the last thing we need - I do make an exception in this case.

I BELIEVE BASS FISHING TOURNAMENTS SHOULD BE OUTLAWED!!! (Actually include any "professional" tournaments and/or tournaments for prize money as well)

Tournament fishing is a joke and is a serious waste of a PUBLIC resource by a our tournament bass fishing "friends" out there. Mortality rates have got to be insanely high - especially as the water temps get above 65 degrees or so... I'd sure like to see some SCIENTIFICALLY conducted studies done to provide real, unbiased statistics on mortality rates over a period of time (say a weeek or so) on tournment caught bass... I'll bet it is SKY-HIGH! - Not to mention what these tournament anglers do to the bass populations by "relocating" mature fish all over the dang place!!!

Look, if tournament fishermen were TRUELY concerned about bass mortality - they'd do something to change the format of the tournments... PERIOD! With todays low-cost high technology, there is NO reason why these "tournament" fishermen have ANY reason to keep a live-well full of fish to haul them to some stupid weigh-in. Give 'em all certified digital scales and a video camera to record what they catch and let the darn things go - immediately and where they were caught - then even I who hate tournament fishing, would be ok with it... The weigh-in format is nothing more than a "marketing" opportunity for a bunch of capitalists AND an ego trip for the numbnut anglers...

The overall quality of bass fishing is NOT as good as it used to be - and I blame tournament angling for the majority of the decline!

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