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Posted by Mike K on June 24, 2003 at 13:48:25:

In Reply to: Re: FLW weigh-in? posted by Bud on June 24, 2003 at 11:36:08:

Geez, guys. I just gotta get a word in on this subject. The mortality rate for ANY big time bass tournament is usually less than 1%! The fish are treated better than the fishermen in those tournaments. They cannot leave the dock without fully operable livewell aerators on their boats. They have chemical additives for their livewells for the fish to survive. The fish are attended to BEFORE they leave the ramp going to WalMart. They have multiple points of aeration, coupled with controlled water temps with additives, during the weigh-in process. BELIEVE ME, the big tournaments are not killing your bass. These local tournaments with 15-40 boats usually kill more bass than the big boys do with 300 fishermen.
As for bass mortality and extinction, I believe some must be harvested, either by man or nature. If all bass were to live, and none ever died, then they would certainly eventually become extinct.
There are plants on the Decatur side of the Tennessee River that release chemicals that kill more fish in an hour than all the tournaments the ENTIRE year!
We have some very intelligent people that are charged with protecting our state and national wildlife and fisheries. I think they know that creel limits are meant to be a control of total HARVESTED fish. In other words, they have determined that based on today's populations of bass, every license holder can take home and eat 10 fish per day (if they prefer to do so). Do many do that? I certainly have never eaten a bass and I don't know many of my fishing buddies that ever have. But that's our CHOICE, just as some people choose to clean and eat their catch.
And as for the hunter who kills 50 deer in a season in Alabama - THAT'S TOTALLY LEGAL! I personally don't agree with that, but he has a license and is within the bag limits of a typical season. I bet there are probably 3000 other deer hunters who hunt in the same county that the 50 deer harvester hunts and they only harvest one deer or LESS in a season! I personally only attempt to harvest one buck per season, and haven't taken but 4 in the last six seasons. And by the way, I have so many deer in my backyard that they are ruining the crops out here!
Point is, don't speak so poorly about the tournaments and bass mortality unless you have the facts. I don't hear folks blaming NASCAR because the new car prices are so high. The issues are unrelated, just as money and bass mortality.
One last thought - do you know who invented aerated livewells to keep fish alive after they are caught? Hint- the same big dollar organization that outlawed stringers for fish in their tournaments. The same one who lobbies and fights for water and fishing issues in Washington. Give up? B.A.S.S.

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