Re: age limit for tournaments?

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Posted by Kerry Grissett on June 06, 2003 at 00:57:03:

In Reply to: Re: age limit for tournaments? posted by wmrebelpop-r on June 06, 2003 at 00:17:54:

I hate to burst your bubble, but what I was really aiming my message at was "tournament" bass fishermen.

I fish more in the fall and spring than I do in the summer months when you will encounter the jetskies and more pleasure boaters. In the fall/spring what I encounter is bass tourney fisherman with $ signs in their eyes and absolutely no consideration for anyone else on the water.

Several avid bass tournament fishermen have tried to convince me that this is a small precentage of "them" that are causing the problems, but that "small" percentage of rude, discourteous and dangerous tournament fishermen always seem to find me and cause hazardous situations. For this reason, I believe that the bass tournament fishermen have a quite larger problem with courtesy and safety on the water than they are willing to admit. I personally believe it is a matter of arrogance towards anyone who is in their way and throwing all common sense, rules of water safety and courtesy out the window in the name of "winning".

I see it time and time again with the start or end of a bass tournament. One let out of Rosebury today that was a prime example of that arrogance. About 20 bass boats raging out of the mouth of that area with no regard for the smaller boats trying to fish in that area.

God help the smaller boats if they decided to fish the main channel coming out of that area while the bass boats speed past them. Do they slow down, no. Even if they do, do they slow down to idle speed? NO, they slow down to maximum chug speed compounding the problems. I could go on and on, but I think I will already get a lot of bogus replies about how bass tournaments are "safe" and "courteous". Only if you aren't "in their way". I relate this from several years of personal experience with arrogant bass tournament fishermen.

As I said, I am not on the water much during the summer months, but I would bet money that the tournament fishermen racing to get to a scheduled weigh in are as much of a danger as the jet skiis. And I am not taking up for dangerous jet skiiers. Just talking from my personal experience.

Good luck and good fishin'


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