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Posted by Snapperking on April 18, 2003 at 11:09:36:

In Reply to: Re: Beach fishing in Orange beach posted by tennangler on April 18, 2003 at 06:46:23:

You are smart to be wary of getting bit!! first rule of saltwater fishing is dont go near the mouth with fingers HA!!I usually carry an old towel tohelp in removing them from the hook and a set of needle nose pliers are a must!! Snappers arent called that for nothing,loaded with teeth and will lunge for you if they get the chance,they also got a razor sharp gill plate that can cut paper!!(where the towel comes in)So be carefull picking one up,i usually just let the deck hands get em off. I got a few scars from those !!As for the others ,the triggerfish that you will probably catch on your snapper trip will have the most impressive teeth you will see,and you can actually hear them clicking them after being caught .As for the beach fish the only serious biter would be the spanish mackrel or any mackrel for that matter such as the king.They use wire leaders on the charters to catch them!! Redfish and pompano are not toothy just like our catfish they got a lot of sandpaper like teeth and suprisingly ,the Cobia as hugh as they get have small teeth,probably because they crush their bait instead of cutting it like a snapper.And finally any of the jsck family such as the amberjack and cravelle jacks are ok with no bad teeth. Sorry for the biology lesson i tend to get carried away when talking salt water fishingHA!! But going back to the beginning if your not sure what the fish is keep away from the mouth use those needle nose pliers!! Best fishing to you and may the seas be calm!!

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