USACE charts link and Keystone minnow changes

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Posted by Kerry Grissett on April 13, 2003 at 01:00:27:

I try to keep an eye on the links I have placed on the various pages of the NAFF site, but I don't always do it as often as needed. The link to the navigation charts for the Tennessee river from the US Army Corps of Engineers site has, at least since Feb. 4, 2003, not had those charts available online. The page says that they are updating the maps and that they wil be posted asap. I hope they will post new and updated maps in the manner they had them before, but I fear they will no longer be free. The old maps were not perfect or anywhere near complete, but they were much appreciated for their accessibility online without cost. They were a great tool for those of us who were trying to point out a particular spot on the Tennessee river.

I have written an email to the contact person listed on the page now present at the link. I'll let you know what he says when I get a response.

On another note, I have spoken of the Keystone minnow for use in catching bluegill and shellcrackers. In the past, the Keystone minnow was made of a relatively tough plastic and with the use of "super glue" you could make one last quite a while. Well, recently I purchased several at Walmart and my favorite local tackle shop Decatur Bait and Tackle and the folks that make the Keystone minnow have changed the little jig to a much softer plastic. Now, even with the superglue, it will not last even half as long and at about a dollar apiece for a tiny jig, I can't see buying them any more. I bought them in the past because it was possible to get a lot of usage out of that dollar for ONE tiny jig. Now, they have insulted my intelligence. There are other tiny minnow jigs called the "Judge" and "Creatures" that may not be painted as pretty, but I am sure will work just as well and a LOT cheaper!

If you agree with me that Renosky Lure, Inc. has made a big mistake in changing to a softer less resiliant product at the same high price (built in obsolescence), you can let them know about it at:

Of course, I have already sent them an email telling them what I think.

Good luck and good fishin'

Kerry Grissett

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