Weiss Lake Fishing Report for 3-11-2003

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Posted by Weiss Lake Guide Service on March 11, 2003 at 18:00:29:

SURFACE TEMP: 61 right on top, 58 2 feet down
WATER CLARITY: Most of the lake is rolling mud.

Waterhouse Cove is fishable from the middle back.
Godfrey's fishable
Tucker fishable
Dead Boy back end is fishable
Trotters middle to back fishable
Three Mile fishable
Spring Creek middle back fishable
Cowan Creek fishable
Paddle Boat a little rough
Little River fishable
Chatooga from the bridge back fishable
Round Mountain is in good shape
Yellow Creek most is fishable
Big Nose back end is OK
Little Nose is a little rough
Crazy Woman the left arm is in nice shape the rest is a little rough
Sailboat is a little rough
Ransom is a little rough
Anderson is a little rough
Churchouse is a little rough
Bay Springs is fishable
Rose Garden mud
Tillery is a little rough
Powerhouse the right 1/2 is fishable, from the islands back.
Chainsaw I don't have a clue
State Line Cove rough

The main open waters on the lake and the river channel is rolling mud.By the weekend the places I mentioned above will steadily


Crappie: Been fishing Powerhouse mainly and Tillery.Was doing real well until it muddied. The fish in the mornings are 6-7 feet
deep. But, by the end of the day they have been right on top.I have been trolling a 1/32 blue/blue/blue and green/green/green.
Speed about 1.0 in the am and about 2.0 in the pm.I have had some good reports out of Big Nose, also some activity in Yellow
Creek.The techniques that worked in Powerhouse will work elsewhere.

BASS: The bass are moving into the warmer areas. The main lake and river channels are all muddy. Broke back Shad-Rap blue &
white seems to be working the best. Pig-n-Jig around the rocks.

STRIPE: There has been a little bit of stripe activity in the mouth of Pine Cone.I know because I did it.With the cold snap that we had
come thru here we have a lot of dead shad.The birds are on a free lunch program right now.The shad kill is normal and nothing to be
concerned with.It won't be long and the birds will be diving on the stripe.

CATFISH: Big catfish are being caught around all the fish cleaning stations.

There are a lot of logs and trees in the main channel.Some of them you cannot see until you are right on top of them.Be very careful!
Alabama Power is pulling the lake down 1 foot almost every 24 hours.At some point in time it is going to effect the fish.It may pull
them back to deep water. I will try to keep an eye on them.

We all need to support Weiss Lake Improvement Assoc.If something is not done, Georgia is going to take our water.We have had our
head in the sand too long.If they take our water,and they stop this lake from turning over every 17 days or so and go to 40+ turnover we
are done. The pollution problems that we have locally, and the pollution that will come in from Georgia,will kill everything in the lake
including turtles. The pollution problem will be so bad, swimming and watersports will not happen.68% of the power generated in the
entire state of Alabama is generated in the Coosa chain of lakes.Since this power will not be available, or greatly reduced, where is it
going to come from and what is it going to cost.I have a sneaky feeling the only one that will make out in this one is Alabama Power.

Good Fishing! Steve 256-927-6617 www.weisslakeguideservice.com

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