Weiss Lake Fishing Report for 3-3-2003

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Posted by Weiss Lake Guide Service on March 03, 2003 at 19:34:50:

DATE: 3-3-04
SURFACE TEMP: 51 2 foot down on top is 47
WATER CLARITY: some places good, some places not so good.

Lets talk about where you can fish and what to expect:
Up river, Trotters is not bad,Dead Boy fishable,Waterhouse ? I haven't been in there.
Godfrey's Island the nicest water on the whole lake.
Three Mile Creek beautiful.Cowan & Spring, parts of it fishable and parts not.
Little River Nice,Chatooga is a bit rough,Yellow Creek is nice,Crazy Woman most of it is good.The noses, part of them good but part
not so good.Sailboat is fishable,Ransom is fishable,Anderson is kinda-sorta,Churchouse is fishable in the back end,Tucker is
kinda-sorta,and Powerhouse, right side fishable.Bay Springs is pretty good.

CRAPPIE: Catching a lot of fish. A few good ones.A lot of short ones. Yesterday I was trolling 1 1/32, we caught suspended fish 2 foot
deep in 16 feet of water.The color yesterday was triple blue and blue/green/blue. I was a cloudy, windy day.Today I went into Bay
Springs and the suspended in the am at 8-11 feet in 17-20 foot of water.By mid morning they had moved up to 5-6 feet in the same
water.We were pulling am 1 1/16th trolling at about 1.0.Mid morning we were trolling 2 1/32 at 1.4 to 1.5.Early we were using
blue/green/blue, as the fish moved up it turned out to be green/green/green and bubble gum.Lake still high and mid channel still
rolling mud.Watch out for the stumps and trees floating.

BASS: Bass fishing is slow but some can be taken off rip-rap adjacent to deep water. Crawdad Pig-n-Jig still working.Broke tail

STRIPE: We have picked up 1 or 2 in the mouth of Churchouse trolling for crappie.We have a lot of birds but with the cold weather we
have had a small shad kill and they are cleaning up the easy ones.It won't be long and they will run out of these fish and they will
have to start diving on stripe.Once the channel clears and they slow down some of the pulling they should go back to their old haunts.

WHITE BASS: Some in the back end of Dead Boy.I haven't been in Waterhouse but I bet they are in there too.Small jigs and minnows
work well.The birds will be diving some in both those places but it will probably be white bass and not stripe.

CATFISH: For you catfish fishermen the best place for you to catch big ones (20-40)lbs is any fish cleaning station.I will name them for
you. JR's,Riverside,Pruett's(wherever Johnny is dumping the carcasses,)Bay Springs.

I am going to talk a little bit about Neely Henry:

Schoal Creek is dingy, bridge creek dingy,otter dingy,beaver creek half is fishable other is not.Greens creek dingy.Canoe Creek is
dingy.Some of the smaller coves are clearing rapidly.Techniques we use on Weiss Lake will work on Neely Henry.Crappie are going to
be suspended in the mouths of most of the coves and creeks.As the day goes on they will move back shallower.If you cannot see them
on your depth finder it could be one of four things. 1.Fish aren't there.But you cannot take that for granted.You have to fish it
anyway.2. they may be so shallow you cannot see them on your depth finder or they may be right on the bottom and you still cannot
see them. 3.You may have a piece of junk as a depth finder, may find depth OK but just doesn't see fish.4.Before you leave the lake,
check the surface temp in the front of the cove and in the back of the cove.Fish the warmest water you can find.Best color for jigs is
triple blue, triple green, and bubble gum.

Be careful out there.Weiss is over pool with a lot of trees and trash floating and so does Neely Henry.Thanks, Steve 256-927-6617

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