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Posted by mike on February 09, 2003 at 07:19:53:

I have had several people ask me about my comments on the underwater camera.

At the first of the year,I purchased an underwater camera. It is an Aqua-Va Mx2c-60. It contains a 12VDC battery but will run from any 12V DC source with the proper accessory cable. The unit cost $399.00. The unit also has a thermometer on the camera. You can also record to a cam-corder, if your cam corder will accept video in.

IF a lake is clear such as Smith Lake you will be able to see greater distances. So far I have been able to see to about 15 foot on Smith. I honestly believe I will be able to see 25 ft when the lake gets clearer.
On the Warrior, I have averaged 4-10 foot. Rule of thumb is 2x the distance the human eye can see.

Species of fish are easily indenified. Structure is easily indentified...rocks, gravel, sand, mud, trees, logs. Stake beds are difficult to find with sonar, but not with a camera. I have fished with 4 friends since I got the camera and they are amazed that the clarity and what you can learn from the camera. Funny how many invitations I have received to go fishing as long as the camera comes along. LOL!!!

I have learned to trust my depthfinder(always been leary) by looking at the graph while using the camera.

I have started to keep a log on dates and weather patterns along with how fish were relating to structure.

I have found the camera to be a great learning tool....

I am a litle on the dense side, but I discovered that sloughs that run east to west and receive sunlight all day are on average 5 degrees warmer down to the bottom than sloughs that run north to south.

So far water temps at the surface are only 2 degrees colder at 20 foot.

Last Monday I saw how the crappie reacted to the cold fronts coming in and passing. The crappie held tighter to cover after the front passed, but they would still hammer your bait if it came close.

The fish act cautious but curious when they spot the camera. I have seen very few spook unless you hit them right in the face with the camera like my sister did to the nice catfish in her pond. LOL!!!!

When I first got the camera, I put only 2 rods in the boat and spent most of the day looking at structure. You really have to fight the urge to look at everything before you fish...I least I do. I will generally fish an area then look at it with the camera for about 5 to 10 minutes then make my notes.

I hope this answers some questions about the underwater cameras. I looked at the different makes and models for 2 years and even considered building my own. I felt like I was taking a risk by buying one not being able to see first hand in the water what it would be capable of. I feel I have made a wise investment.

Good fishing and God Bless,

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