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Posted by Snapperking on January 12, 2003 at 17:46:17:

In Reply to: Re: ROE posted by Todd on January 12, 2003 at 10:04:14:

Ok heres the way it works the female crappie will have 2 tiny egg sacs(same as an ovary in humans) present after she spawns,sometime in the spring.If you catch one post spawn you have to look really close to see them but they are there as small brownish orange sacs.Over the summer and into the fall they will slowly start to fill with tiny eggs that come from her egg sac lining.By the late fall they will be seen as a small but bright,two fingered yellow sac ,located below her float bladder running back toward her vent.Now the fun part.once the winter cold sets in she gets less active and the eggs develope slower,but depending on where she stays and how often the water temp fluctuates ,will determine just how far along her pregnancy progresses thru the winter,thus causing the ones that winter in a colder area (deeper water such as the white crappie likes )to have less sac developement .Those that do get more warmer water in the winter will have farther developed eggs and thus will spawn earlier ,such are the black crappie which hang out at the docks and grass .Its all determined by the temp the eggs experience .Once the water starts warming up in the late winter or early spring the eggs really swell.and depending on how far they developed before hand ,some can spawn lots earlier than others .I have caught them running out of the females as early as mid march and as late as may!! Back when Guntersville lake had decent white crappie population we always knew the spawn would be on when the dogwoods blooms were just turning white.You could go to your favorite stump bed and load up with a jig and float ,but since the grass has grown over those old bedding grounds the white has all but dissapeared and been replaced by the black crappie which prefer the grass and concrete to spawn instead of the open sandy stump bottoms like the white prefered.Some never do lay them due to bad water conditions,such as heavy mud from spring rains and sudden temperatue drops when the spawn is almost upon them ,They will just re-absorb them into their body and try again next year. By the way the male crappies Milt will develope the same as the females eggs so they both will be ready when he starts sweeping the beds!! good fishing!!

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