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Posted by Kerry Grissett on December 22, 2002 at 20:25:51:

I saw a message on another message board asking about recipes for "deep frying" crappie. I added my recipe to the replies and here are the links, if you are interested:

Original message with threads to the replies:

My recipe reply:

I guess I should post it here also, so here it is:

Here's a fairly simple one that puts a very light cornmeal breading on crappie filets.

Take a zip lock bag large enough to hold the mixture and however many filets your fryer can cook at one time.

Mix equal parts plain all purpose flour and plain cornmeal (white or yellow). I use yellow cornmeal, but white should work just fine.

Now, add salt and black pepper until the mixture tastes like it has just a little bit too much of each.

Of course, you can add just about any dry ingredients to the mixture that you like, garlic powder, lemon pepper, cayenne pepper,
etc., but this is the basic recipe that I use all the time. I have also tried using a little baking powder to see if it lightened up the
breading. I think it does a little, but is not necessary.

Drop your filets into the bag and shake. For light breading, make sure your filets are not wet. I usually let my filets sit on paper
towels over newspaper to drain while I get everything else together. After shaking the bag to completely cover the filets with the
mixture, let them stay in the bag for a few minutes. The natural moisture in the fish will make the breading stick and keep the
breading very light.

While you are letting the fish stand in the mixture, heat your oil to 350 - 375 degrees. I try to maintain 350 throughout the cooking.
Since I use a relatively small sauce pan on the stove for frying, I usually have to adjust the eye to maintain the temp.

Take your filets out of the bag, shaking them first to get rid of excess breading. Drop filets into the 350 oil one at a time until you
have as many as your fryer will cook at one time.

(DON'T TRY TO COOK TOO MANY FILETS AT ONE TIME! And make sure your oil is at 350 - 375 degrees before dropping in the

My small saucepan fryer can only cook about 4 filets at a time.
Cook no longer than 3 minutes! With filets I get from 3/4 - 1 pound crappie, I usually only cook them about 2 and a half minutes.
Don't wait for them to float, that will over cook them and dry them out.

This "recipe" is mainly for those of us who really like to taste the fish and not have a really thick breading that takes away from that.
Use any sauce you like after cooking or just squeeze some fresh lemon juice on the fish like I do! Mmm, Mmm!

If you have larger filets, either cut them into smaller pieces or cook all the bigger filets separate from the smaller ones, since they will
have to cook longer.

If you like a little bit "harder" crust or breading, adjust the mixture by adding more cornmeal. For lighter, and not so "hard" but still
crispy breading adjust by adding more flour (I like it this way). I have also experimented with adding a little corn starch for crispness,
but the jury is still out on that.

Now, simply press as much of the air out of your bag of remaining cornmeal mixture as you can and place it in the freezer to await
the next fish fry! It will stay good this way for quite a while. If it develops any lumps, simply break them up with your fingers through
the plastic of the bag.

By not over cooking you can also reheat uneaten filets the next day and they don't come out of the oven completely dry and useless.
Fish is done as soon as the meat is white and flakes easily. Any more than that just dries it out. Yuck!

I think I covered all of it. Hope I didn't forget anything!

Good luck and good fishin' and eatin' fish!


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