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Posted by BrownFish on September 05, 2002 at 23:23:07:

In Reply to: Re: pleasure boaters posted by Bluewater on September 05, 2002 at 14:37:17:

Let me start by saying that I hope you weren't sticking your rod in the water and leaving it. I know its alot of work to sit out there and watch your lines and all, but for pete's sake, don't stick a line in the water and leave it and then complain about someone running through it. We'd all be in a world of hurt if people who caught their own bait left their nets out in the water to catch their fish for them. Burn up a lower unit because someone ran a trotline halfway across the river or they stuck their Zebco 33 and Rhino rod baited up with liver out on the dock with 100 yards of line out and left it and you ran through it MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS, and then you can complain about someone cutting your line with their prop. Granted, a large number of people, bass fishermen, pleasure boaters, jet skiers, etc. have NO respect for anyone else on the water, but what's different about that in comparison to life away from the water. We have no respect for our fellow man ANYWHERE! The whining, moaning, complaining, arguing, yadda, yadda, yadda, doesn't get anyone anywhere! So until we can all start to tolerate people and their shortcomings, faults, even screw-ups, maybe we should all just stay at home off of the water and out of society's reach so decent, good-spirited, tolerant, quality individuals aren't infected with other people's chip-on-their-shoulder, I can do no wrong, I don't really care attitude. Sorry for preachin', but I'm 'bout tired of everyone complaining about everyone else on the water. It's a wonderful natural resource that we've all been awarded the honor and privilege of enjoying by the good Lord in Heaven, so let's all just enjoy it. At the rate we're going now who knows how long we'll be able to enjoy it, but that's another story. Once again, sorry for rantin' and ravin', but I have a hard time biting my tongue.


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