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Posted by ALex on August 30, 2002 at 06:48:05:

In Reply to: yellowtails for bait posted by Shad Lips on August 29, 2002 at 21:33:48:

Shad Lips, You mentioned wilson or wheeler. I always fish wilson pool below wheeler dam. Wheeler pool is great but the bait sometimes is alot harder to find. If you will be putting in below wilson at the safety harbor, here are some tips. First, always check the TVA web site to find out when water will be released. Once you figure out when the generators will be on, your hardest work is over. After your boat has been launched and you are headed out of the harbor pay close attention in this area. Usually if there are shad in there you will be able to see them on top. If you strike out at this location, go out and head towards the dam. As you are going up, concentrate on the right side where the rocks are. You will see an area where people fish under a covered area. This area is right up against the face of the dam. The area you want to try will be about 80 ft below this area. Look for where the concrete ends and the rocks start. If TVA is pulling current, there will be a current eddy at this location and a big flat rock that is angled towards the water. This area usually pays off big. If you cant find any at that location, let the boat drift down the rocks until you see a small tree that is right on the bank. Again there will be a big rock that produces eddy current. Another place to try is the small inlet with the fence going across it. Usually there are people fishing from the bank and it makes it hard to get shad. If there are people fishing, try right below this area. If TVA is running turbines 9,10 and 11 try the tail end of the island which is located across from saftey harbor. If you have never been to wheeler, be extremely careful and cautious. Whatch others and try and learn the current. You basically need two people to get shad. One who can hadle the boat very well and one that can throw the cast net. I want to warn you about trying over by the rocks. Do not and I repeat myself, do not let the cast net go out of site. You will lose it every time. 90% of the time once the cast net hits the water, let it sink about 3 ft and jerk! You should be able to get enough with no problem. Right now the bait is pretty small. If I were you, I would wait till the middle of September before I would try. The smallmouth have not showed up yet, at least in numbers. I fish down there alot. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. I hope this helps. P.S. I know it is still hot, but please wear your life jacket at all times. This style of fishing is DANGEROUS!!!! GOod luck

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