'at a boy!

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Posted by jd on August 27, 2002 at 00:27:05:

In Reply to: Baby boy! posted by Ryno on August 23, 2002 at 11:17:13:

You obviously had the proper lure selection, rod length, AND mother nature's blessing to get a boy on the first try. I guess it could be Devine intervention, but they say the devil has powers too. hehe. Let's hope he is not like my brother and complains about a little mist, wind, or Canadian air mass. Let's face it, for those with jobs and kids, it is like winning the lottery to find the perfect day for the "day of a lifetime" when it comes to fishing. Thank God for my youth... back when I had enough time to trigger an addiction for fishing that had never subsided.

I have a 2 year old daughter, and recently decided to try again for my fishing partner. Now ol' sawbones tells me that I surely did get my hook hung again and I got two more rug rats on the way. Talking about using too much lead while bottom fishing!!! Twins don't just happen to the next guy, and I don't reckon family history has much to do with it either. People do not seem to be much different from the fish in the aspect that it is all about being in the right place at the right time, or is it the wrong place at the wrong time? Depends on your persective I guess.

College football has started which can only mean one thing... we are approaching the 55-70 degree water temperature. Aint living in Alabama great!! While I continue to patiently wait for a 10+ pound hawg or 20+ pound sack (hopefully on the day that I fish my only tournament annually with my company), I will surely settle for more occasional memories of 8 pounds hybrids, 15 pound salts, 2 pound crappies, 10 pounds cats, and 3 pound jacks. And let us not forget the incidental 'gills and 'crackers during all this madness when they come in size and numbers!

Why is it that all good things comes with a sacrifice? When the fish are most active, so is the wind and other environmental elements. I love to take my daughter on the boat (only been out twice), but she loves the buttons on the console - one of which turns off the depth finder and another that blows the horn.

May you plant the seeds early to make your boy a full-range bona fide southern sportsman, but if he has other interests, then so be it. After all, fishing year after year can't be just a hobby or sport, it must be an OBSESSION. There are just too many bad fishing days mixed in with the good to make it a year-after-year activity for an entire lifetime unless you REALLY , REALLY enjoy the challenge.

With my luck, my twins will both be boys where one will be the president of PETA and the other an advocate for some not-for-profit tree-hugging organization. hahaha. I believe I would love them just the same... eventually. :) With the prospect of twins on my horizon, I can say one thing about the one child that I do have: I wouldn't take a million dollars for her, but I would't give a nickel for another one just like her.

Congratulations again! Maybe in another 6-8 weeks when my "new" home remodeling project ends and the weather cools down, I will have a fishing report to help out the cause of the equally obsessed, or is that possessed!?!?!

Good luck!

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