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Posted by Snapperking on June 22, 2002 at 00:07:28:

In Reply to: fiddle worms posted by Brett on June 19, 2002 at 23:50:48:

You want to buy them or collect them your self??
To do it your self you need a deep woodsy area with prefferabley gray woods dirt under
the leaves.the forrests up on Brintlee mountain are good, hopefully you might know some one there with land ,secondly look for worm doodles or castings on top of the ground
found under the leaves, third it needs to be a moistured area not dry as the worms are lots deeper when its dry
a low hollow is usualy best this time of year.Ok next 2 ways to do it (fiddle the worms)A. you can take a hand saw and cut off a small sappling of about 3 in in diameter
leaving about 10 inches or stub, then start sawing downward across the top of the sapling stump pulling the saw so that it makes a vibrating sound as you saw
OR 2 you can get a stab /stick of about 3 feet in length ( Old broom handles or hoe handles work best ) sharpen one end and use a hammer or rock to drive it into the ground where you decide
to "fiddle for worms leaving about 6 in of the handle above ground.then take a very flat rock or i like a side of cinderblock
and rub or drag it across the top of the stick in a steady fast paced back and forth motion ( fiddling)using a slight angle to make the stick vibrate .If you are doing it right you can feel it tickle your feet!!
if worms are present they will coil out of the ground in abou t3 to 5 min if its a wet or moist ground!! If you just want to buy them Toney"s at the arab side of guntersville dam usually has them good luck fishing....

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