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Posted by jd on April 24, 2002 at 10:20:12:

In Reply to: New Boat!! posted by Mark on April 23, 2002 at 21:36:05:

I just bought a new boat a few months ago and the most important thing is dealer LOCATION and of course service. I have had lots of little things like wires, instruments, pumps, and adjustments that needed to be made and it AINT cool driving 30-45 minutes for drop-off and pick-up just for little problems not to mention the $15-20 dollars in gas in the truck. Maybe your boat will be perfect from the beginning, but most people have little things to contend with. I bought from a distant dealer because he had a "new" boat that was two years old so I guess I got it near cost. Not sure if I would do it again due to inconvenience.

When you buy new from a dealer, they usually put you ahead of everyone else and make "strangers" wait at least a week. They always ask where you bought it, and then proceed to teach you a lesson that you should have bought from them. However, when you choose a specific brand such as Skeeter, I guess you gotta buy where you can which may not be the closest place to home. Might want to consider closest place to fishing hole in case you have problems on water.

I think Yamaha and Merc are both fine motors. I got carb 150 Yamaha and can't believe how much gas the things sucks down. I was used to my Yamaha 50 on my flat bottom and now have a Skeeter 176 fish and ski. Go EFI or whatever to improve efficiency if you can afford it. If you can afford a new Skeeter 18-19 foot boat, you can afford EFI! The only complaint about Yamaha is that their motors are cold natured. But get them warm, and you can look at the switch and it will start. Pump the bulb and choke it cause it is gonna be starving for fuel on the first start of the day. My 50 hp does not have a choke and it is much more cold natured than the big engines.

If I buy another new boat, I am going to think real hard about a Honda 4-stroke. Most people complain about the extra hundred pounds of motor, but all else considered, I am not sure it matters. I can't tell much difference in my boat with the fuel tank is full/empty which is a difference of 250 pounds. I guess I would have to ride in a boat with a four stroke. I rarely fish tournaments and top speed and performance is not what I am all about. Quiet efficient operation is good to me. If you like the sound of raw power, get a Merc. Two stroke oil adds another 30-40 cents per gallon of fuel consumed. But then again, you have lots of raw power at your disposal in a 2 stroke. If you plan to keep it forever, I understand that a 4 stroke will last at least 5 times longer than a 2 stroke. Same deal with motorcycle engines.

One last thing - I will never have another (new) boat without hydraulic steering!

Good luck!

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