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Posted by TroyJ on April 16, 2002 at 21:11:52:

In Reply to: TVA killing Wilson Lake posted by smalliefisher on April 16, 2002 at 12:12:41:

From what I see on Wilson most of the time, the LM and the SM both bed in deep enough water to avoid total devestation by fluctuating water levels, since the fluctuation is minimal. The bigger fish especially seem to bed deeper on the low end of Wheeler, Wilson and Pickwick, which is the only way they can continue to proliferate. TVA's policies however cost Alabama millions in lost tourism revenue. The potential for greater fisheries in this area goes overlooked. Higher, more consistent water levels would mean better spawns, and it would also mean better fishing. Higher water levels keep bass in water where they are catchable by average anglers. A lake slam full of fish is usless if the fish are not cathcable by average anglers. Good fishing = more tourism dollars and more dollars generated locally by recreational lake users. Anglers spend much more time on the water year round than do the yacht and jetski crowd, and many more anglers would visit the lakes during winter months, etc if the water levels were more consitent. Generating power during daytime hours as much as possible would also help, since the fishing is better as a rule when the current is running, and most people won't even go during the day on Wilson or Pickwick if there is not current. Our rivers are no longer as vital for power generation, transportation or waste disposal as they once were. Hopefully the focus will shift from those past uses to the increasingly important recreational aspects. More people from our state and other neighboring states have more time to spend money on the lakes. With regard to economics, it makes sense to reform policies so that our rivers are clean, and have good fishing and recreational access. If more consideration is given to the recreational use of our rivers, then maybe TVA, our state and industry can acheive a better balance that will allow us to get the most out of our tourism and recreational fishery potential.

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