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Posted by jamesM on March 13, 2002 at 19:31:42:

In Reply to: Rattle Traps 101 posted by Rckmn on March 13, 2002 at 16:03:59:

Hi, I've been bass fishing less than a year so, I'm by no means an expert but, I'll tell you what I know.I was like you and had no confidence so I went and used nothing but a trap till I started catching fish.I have better luck with the 1/4oz size.Red (fire tiger) has been working good for me but, lots of people like the crome ones.You should also change the hooks, I like the mustad hooks because they seem to be a little wider and alot sharper.Stay with a larger hook at the front than at the back so the trap will run nose down thus hanging up alot less.Most of what I've read or heard from the pros says to fish them very fast but, I fish them slow letting them drag or be very close to the bottom.I think of them as a crayfish scurrying across the bottom kicking up dust.A stop and go retreive seems to work well also.Try fishing ares with a hard bottom, around boathouses, or flats with grass on them.When you are fishing the grass and you feel it hang up rip the trap tru the grass.The fish seem to set the hook themselfs, sometimes you feel them bump it and sometimes they are just all the sudden on.You can't horse them in like you can on a big worm hook, I keep my drag REAL loose and reel them in very slow.It's also a good idea to net them at the boat, they will shake it loose or pull it loose and it keeps those treble hooks away from your fingers.Maybe TroyJ or some other pros will reply with some more or better info, I have a question about them myself....when or why do you decide to use the bigger sizes 1/2,3/4 and 1 oz?....hope this helps.

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