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Posted by jd on February 20, 2002 at 10:35:17:

In Reply to: Re: Bass fishin' posted by baitbucket on February 20, 2002 at 08:30:16:

My family has several farm ponds, many of which are used for watering cattle. Every pond certainly has its own personality even though they all seem to have the same food sources such as frogs, bluegill, and fathead minnows.

One of the best ponds is one that is only 1/2 acre, but is fed by a spring most of the year and may get muddy and stagnant in the hot, dry part of the year. You can go one day and not get a bite, and the next time catch 20 fish. This particular ponds has produced several 8lb plus catches - perhaps the same fish, but fun nonetheless!

When we start getting a few warm days in late winter, and the water gets into the upper 50's and lower 60's often by mid March, the big bite is usually on and continues through April. I have caught big fish at all times of the year, but pre spawn seems to produce the best numbers. I have recently found that a micro-lizard with a 1/8 ounce jig head fished on 8 pound test and a spinning reel was best in ponds that had been fished frequently. I caught a 7lb 9 oz bass on that rig last year and caught 10:1 over my brother trying larger worms and lizards. Pitching a little critter near a bedding bass will produce. Larger lures seem to spook bass in some ponds.

SMALL may be the best bet. Try a beatle spin type spinner with a curly tail jig. Rapalas are one my favorite all time pond lures. The smaller the Rapala, the more wobble and better your chances for a bite, but the largest one with 2 hooks is probably more easy to fish (7S?). However, landing large fish on small treble hooks can be tricky. If they fish will bite a 3 hook Rapala, all the better for landing the fish. Some people swear by broken-back Rapalas in ponds, but it depends on the pond. About 20 years ago, I once caught over 100 bass on a Mepps Comet while my fishing buddy caught maybe 20 on a Rapala. A rooster tail or other inline spinner may have produced the same. Surprisingly, I have not owned a Mepps Comet since that time and am not sure if they even make them anymore.

Start with larger hooks and soft plastics such as worms and lizards as the hook set and landing will be better. Also, soft plastics do not spook the fish as much. If you have lots of pond moss, this may not work.

Topwater sometimes works in a pond, but it depends on the pond. Try small things like tiny torpedo and jitterbug. I have seen buzzbaits work in some ponds.

Final advice is to start with quiet lures with large single hooks such as lizards and worms. Then maybe a Rapala or small beatle spin type or inline spinnerbait. If the fish are splashing and visibly feeding late in the day, try topwater such as tiny torpedo. If the ponds gets a lot of pressure or the fish are bedding, try to fish with teeny tiny small lightweight plastics and you might be surprised.

I hope you have permission to fish the pond. Nothing worse than working 5 or more years and hundreds or thousands of dollars, only to have your ponds snaked by poachers.

Good luck!

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