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Posted by Kerry Grissett on February 17, 2002 at 17:18:35:

In Reply to: FLW on Wheeler posted by Kerry Grissett on February 13, 2002 at 21:18:08:

Thanks for all the comments and opinions. I just want to make one final comment about this.

I posted my original message because of the rude, inconciderate and dangerous behavior I have personally witnessed during this most recent "pro" FLW tournament. It isn't a new phenomenon with "big" bass tournaments on Wheeler and other lakes. Call it venting, but I was telling you just some of the bad experiences I have had EVERY time their is a "big" bass tournament on Wheeler.

Every year that we have a "big" bass tournament on Wheeler, I see the same thing. If it is a "small number" of the "pro" anglers who
are causing the problem, why is it that they always seem to find the same water I am fishing in? Logic would suggest that it is a
much larger problem than many of those involved would like to admit or even recognize. I think we start to see which side some folks bread is buttered on. Opinions are like behinds, nearly everyone has one and most everyone thinks their's is the only one that doesn't stink. I'll start by telling you that my opinion is my own, based on my experience on Wheeler and other TVA lakes and not tainted by sponsors or any other "money". I have told you what I have experienced and I will continue to do so. Take it for what it is worth. I won't lose any sleep over the folks who disagree with me.

Several folks have pointed out to me that there is a LOT of money involved in these tournaments. This is not something I did not
know. The point is, should this be a reason/excuse for the rude, inconsiderate and dangerous behavior? Of course not. Even
further, given the money involved in these "big" tournaments, they should be more proactive in providing their own "policing" and
controls. However, they provide very little if any. Statements have been made as to the "statistical" safety of the bass pros. Having never see these stats, nor any information on the collection of such statistics, I have my doubts. I know what I have seen time and time again on the water during 'big" tournaments and it doesn't lead me to believe those stats are correct or true.

Someone asked what is a proper distance to keep and remain on plane? Well, first use common sense, if you have any. According to the law you are responsible for your wake/wash. Smaller boats have a hard time dealing with wakes and washes and in smaller creeks the problem is multiplied. For responsible people all you have to do is put yourself in the position of the other boater to make your decision on how to act.
Please remember this when you see a small flat bottom boat or kayak, or canoe on the water. Although your boat may be an extremely stable barge, it doesn't give you the right to raze havoc on the smaller boats. Keep this in mind, please. Also, learn what "idle speed, NO WAKE" means. Many folks don't have a clue.

I think there was a lot more I was going to respond to, but I think there has been enough said. It is obvious that some folks will continue to be rude, discourteous and dangerous on the water and some have gotten the message out of this discourse.

My thanks and good luck to those few who got the point and LOOK OUT for the other ones!

Good luck and good fishin'

Kerry Grissett

*I know I will make some people mad with what I am about to write, but so be it.

*Every time a "big" tournament is held on Wheeler, or any other lake, those waters become VERY dangerous! Such is the case
*now on Wheeler.

*These folks, with VERY FEW exceptions, have NO courtesy or etiquette on the water and totally ignore the laws of the water as
*safety. I personally have seen these folks blow through a group of small boats on a very small creek and never even look back.

*What ARROGANCE! One boat cut between me and the bank (about 30 feet) where I was fishing. Another blew by between my
*boat and 3 other small boats in a small creek with only 20 to 30 feet of clearance total!

*Where are the Alabama Marine Police???????????????? Is there any enforcement from the tournament promotors?

*This isn't something new to me, but this year it seems to be a little worse and TVA is even catering to these idiots.

*I really don't care how much money is involved in any tournament. It is no excuse for the behavior I see every time and the lack
*of law enforcement on OUR lakes.

*I am afraid it is going to take someone getting hurt because of these idiots before this situation is taken seriously and something
*is done.

*I know I am not the only one who has experienced the "trauma" of a FLW or other "big" tourney. Dangerous and discourteous
*behavior in these "big" tourney's is so prevalent, even a blind man can see it. Alabama Marine Police where are you? Wheeler
*lake should be crawling with you guys this week! (sigh) That is the reason these idiots do what they do! They know they have little
*chance of getting caught and have no ID numbers on their boats. Hmmm...

*Good luck and watch out for the FLW idiots!!!! Pros? HA!

*Kerry Grissett

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