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Posted by Mike K on February 17, 2002 at 14:14:34:

In Reply to: Re: wheeler lake crappie and stripes posted by Louis T. on February 17, 2002 at 10:46:58:

geez, man, don't be so helpful next time, L.T. Telling this guy to get a map is like you going to Indiana and asking for a good restaurant and Clyde tells you to look in the YELLOW PAGES!
Clyde, put in at the Boat Harbor and go towards the RR bridge (west). Turn in just before the RR bridge and go north parallel to the tracks. Towards the north end of the track is a bridge (small) where you can go underneath into what locals call the "Y". There is some good crappie action any day now. Drift with minnows across the stumps and hang on. Also has some milfoil grass about midway in to the Y. I have caught some big largemouth there on a carolina rigged lizard and also a jig /pig.
For stripe, go just PASTthe RR bridge before you turn right (north) from the main river.Stop immediately. You will be in the mouth of a ditch that runs parallel to the tracks/causeway. Fish in the mouth and around the riprap rocks on the bridge. There are usually stripe there this time of year (as well as in the early winter months). They will hit smoke or chartreuse grubs, small shad colored crankbaits, 1/4 oz chrome rattletraps or jigging spoons. If you don't do well there, continue north at an idle until you reach the "13th pole". That's the 13th (count 'em) telephone pole on the RR track. Then just turn left (west) and EASE into the stumpfields and ditches there. Use your electronics and stay in the ditch, which should be about 5-6' deep right now.(it runs east to west almost perfectly fo a quarter of a mile or more).Fish in the ditch as well as around the stumps for crappie. Try a small tube jig (1/16 or 1/8 oz) below a small cork about 2-3' deep. Cas it into the shallow stumps and reel it S L O W L Y back, stopping occasionally beside the stumps. OOOOHHHH, man, they will suck it under real slow. Don't yank it away from them!
NOW, if you have a map, take a look and see all the other "ditches" around you. They will all hold crappie and bass from now til.......... FOREVER, if we practice catch and release!
Wherever you decide to try it, be CAUTIOUS. Don't get in a hurry! Some of these areas are not deep enough to run (even if you know the obstacles). I suggest you idle and watch your depthfinder a few trips before you try to run it!Even in 5-6' of water a 4' tall cypress stump will make even a 150hp motor make a SUDDDEN STOP. Good luck.

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