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Posted by Mike K on February 15, 2002 at 15:31:21:

Ok, folks. Let's look at this picture. Great big gigantic lake vs. 2 men in 16' boats. That's what the Marine Police are up against. At any given time on our highways there are probably, at the least, 4-6 law enforcement folks (city, county, state) within a few miles of anything that happens. On the water what do you think it is???? But, they are still available to take your calls. I know this for a fact.
Last year I was out on the water in March and it was a terribly blustery and cold day. After fishing about an hour I noticed a boat washed up against the wind-blown shoreline. Not a fisherman around, not even on the bank. I approached and noticed the motor was GONE and the cables were cut by bolt cutters. Man, that was a weird feeling of relief because I fully expected someone to have fallen overboard. But then I had a problem - what to do with the boat, which was almost brand new.
FOLKS, I called *HP on my cell phone and the State Trooper dispatch in Montgomery answered on the 2nd ring. I advised her of the situation and she patched me into the Marine Police. She gave them all the info that they wanted, and the Marine Policeman advised that he was at home, but would be there in 20 minutes and please hang around the area and watch for him. Within 15 min he came running up the lake right to me. I showed him the boat and since I had already given the registration number on the phone, he knew who it belonged to and they had been notified. Within 30 minutes the owner (upset, as you would imagine) was on the LeeHi dock and loading what was left of his new boat that he had purchased at Christmas. He said he had only used it 2 times before the thieves took it from his boat house and stole the motor and trolling motor.
Point - if you will call *HP (that's STAR-4-7 on the keypad)or the local county or city law enforcement dispatcher( write their number down and put in your wallet, or save it in your cell phone directory!), they will contact the Marine Police for you and pass on your complaint or information. Don't gripe about the water patrol if you won't make an effort to do your part! We are all accountable to be the eyes on our lakes. Just do the right thing. Remember, there's no right way to do the wrong thing and no wrong way to do the right thing!

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