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Posted by Mike Kelley on February 15, 2002 at 09:25:32:

In Reply to: Re: Lots of issues. posted by Kerry Grissett on February 14, 2002 at 01:06:56:

Guys, I just had to throw in my five cent's worth here. I have put my entire name up because I want you to recognize that I AM telling the facts here. I fished on the BASS tour for two and a half years from '89 to mid '91. I have been on the water locally for almost 35 years and I have seen almost EVERYTHING!
These people who you are calling reckless and dangerous are EXACTLY that. They have no respect for anyone, including the other pros. They run across 2 ft deep stump-infested flats at 70 mph. They cut across the edges and roar through crappie fishermen and other recreational boaters. They don't give a sh... BUT, these are the exception not the rule in big time tournaments.
I know for a fact that the tournament promoters will BAN them if they have the goods on them. I personally saw a fisherman banned from BASS tournaments in '90 for WRECKLESS OPERATION OF A BOAT. The person almost ran over myself and a partner on Grande Lake in OK, and several others the same day. You don't see that one anymore!
Go to the weigh-in site and approach the director. Just ask to see the director. Discuss the problem and as Troy said, try to describe the boat, motor, colors of clothes, size of person and they will generally recognize the person you are describing. They will do something about it. Just yesterday the DQ a guy's weight from the day before because an OBSERVER (was it you, Troy?)turned him in for fishing within 50 yds of a gas dock.
As for the running fast through a crowded creek or congested stump row, well let me quote Kerry here -"a name on a shirt is difficult to read when they are blowing through at 50-60 mph and you are just trying to keep from falling out of your boat from the wake from the boat". Well, I disagree about the wake from a 50-60 mph boat. There is very little wake at that speed. The BIG BOBBING wake occurs at IDLE speeds. Sometimes a creek channel is a few feet wide and right or left is dangerous water. The best route is often MODERATE on-plane speed with no wake. How close? Well, we pass each other every day within 5 feet going opposite directions on a highway, with both drivers going 60 -90 MPH! I never hear any complaints about drivers passing too close on the roads!
By the way, this wreckless minority is usually more dangerous to themselves! It's frightening to watch them run the flats at 70 MPH where I know the water is a foot deep and stumpy ,to say the least. I saw a TX boat come out of Sugar Creek on upper Elk on Wed. and he ran wide open about 200 yds out of the "channel" (1-1.5ft max outside channel) and crossed a mud and gravel flat about 70 MPH. After about a quarter of a mile he hit......... the river channel and kept on trucking!!! I don't know how the heck he did it! Of course, he was only drawing about 6 inches of water on pad at that speed, but his prop wake was red with mud and clattering and pinging with gravel!!
He didn't bother me. I just kept on casting my little ol' crappie jig up on the stumps and took a sip of my hot coffee. I was relaxing and didn't even get excited when I yanked that little jig plumb out of a big ol' crappie's mouth. I kinda took my time and fixed my tube back on the head and stopped to look at a flock of geese as they flew lazily across the water in front of me. I almost got in a hurry to cast again, but then I realized I didn't have to hurry. Matter of fact, I didn't even HAVE TO CAST again. I was just out enjoying the lake and the sunshine and catching fish was optional, not a neccesity. So, I just cranked my little ol' 35 Johnson and headed back to the dock to go pick up my youngest daughter at school .... AND they still ask me why I quit fishing the BIG tournaments. What do you think?

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