Just getting in on the tournament arguing!

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Posted by Coleman on February 14, 2002 at 22:54:17:

I've been reading everybodys post on the FLW tournament and I thought I would put my worthless 2 cents in. In my opinion the FLW and other huge professional trails do not hurt the fishing no where near as the "smaller" trails do. I'm sure when the FLW fish are weighed in there are fisheries biologist at the weigh in site taking care and making sure that the fish will get back to the water safely. This is not true in some of the tournaments I have fished. I was recently a non-boater in a trail tournament last summer on Guntersville. There was probably around 150 boats in the tournament. At the weigh in there was a long line of fisherman weighing in with no waiting barrels to give the fish fresh water. And after the fish were weighed they were dumped in a triton boat hull. Then they sorted the dead from the living, and shot the living down a long pipe to the water. They filled 6 garbage bags full of dead fish while I was there. And half of the ones they shot down the pipe back to the lake died. I've been in numerous tournaments like this and I can't stand to see all of the fish being killed. I'm sure no where near this many fish is being killed in the FLW and BASS trails, and like Troy said Guntersville would probably be a lake of the past if it wasn't for BASS stepping in about the aquatic vegatation being sprayed. Just thought I would get on my soap box and let a little of my opinion get posted. Hey how much does a 18 year old college student know anyway.

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