Weiss Lake Fishing Report for 2-8-2002

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Posted by Weiss Lake Guide Service on February 08, 2002 at 18:44:43:

DATE: 2-8-02
SURFACE TEMP: (Harry's surface temp gauge broke--guessing low 50's)

CRAPPIE: Harry and I fished about 12 hours today.We started in the Chatooga.Water clarity was terrible.They were pulling so much
water thru there you could not fish it.Went from there to Churchhouse.Water clarity was also not good. At 3:30 we had 0 fish. Great
guides huh? We moved from Churchhouse to Powerhouse.Water clarity was marginal.Again they are pulling water like no tomorrow.
We fished in front of the 3 island in approx.12 foot of water using a 1/16 and one 1/32 on nine lines for one fish.Which was 100%
more than we caught anywhere else. We moved to the mouth of Pine Cone Marina and watched the birds dive on shad.Picked up 1
stripe approx 17 lbs. We pulled out of the stripe and went back to the islands and concentrated ourselves on in 6-4 foot of water and
did OK.We had 17 in about 45 minutes.Is this a good pattern? I haven't a clue. I am going again tomorrow and see if I can get on
them a little better.It is time for them to be right.But, evidentially the fish do not know that! But I would bet my bottom dollar that in
just a few days it is going to break wide open.Color of the day was anything with blue in it.Why is Alabama Power pulling water like
this? I do not know. But, it cannot go on.As you can tell I am pretty disgusted tonight.Harry kept the crappie but I am having stripe for
dinner! Let you know tomorrow night what I find tomorrow.Hope it gets better.Many more trips like this and the local merchants will
have a contract out on me for telling the truth.Good Fishing! Thanks, Steve

BASS: I do not know why we caught bass today in 3-4 feet of water and none where I thought they would be which was 12-15 feet of
water.We were crappie fishing but, you can get a kinda sorta pattern. The bass seemed to be in about 3-4 feet of water. And I had the
feeling that a chrome and blue Rat'l Trap might have just worn them out.Fished all day and did not see another boat. Maybe this will
help you die-hard bass fishermen. But, I can tell you this, in the spring of 1998 I brought Auburn in to shock up fish for the rodeo and
we literally shocked up thousands of bass in 3-4 feet of water this time of year.Maybe we all need to rethink our depth of fishing for
bass in February.

STRIPE: Stripe are starting to act a little more like stripe for this time of year. One of the problems is that we had the best shad hatch
in the year 2001 that we have ever had. The birds are diving on stripe but there are so many shad out there, they are not dependant
on the birds.And the stripe are very shallow. 1 1/2 feet in 10 feet of water.Maybe even shallower than that. I saw birds working some
shallow water today that we couldn't get into. If the weather and the water settle down it could kick wide open. If not, stick a fork in me
cause I am done!

BREAM: Where we have been catching bream in Guntersville is muddy and they are pulling water thru there hard. Butch was there 2
days ago, where we have been catching all we wanted, and he fished hard for 36. But, we are spoiled! We are used to catching 100
of them that weigh a pound apiece.But, she will settle down and get back like it was.

CATFISH: I do not catfish but I talk to the commercial fellows and they are killing them on cut shad.And they are getting them in the
flats in 10-12 feet of water on trot lines. Even though I do not fish for them I sure like to eat them.

The lake is low and some of the coves are not accessible.If you are coming to Weiss be very careful! Or, I can guarantee you we will
have our normal 1/2 off prop sale. We are on the breaking point.She is ready to bust wide open. The crappie that we filleted today
were full of eggs. This tells me we are going to have an early spring.Watch the fishing report and I will try to keep you informed.If you
have any questions post them on the message board because there will be a lot of other folks that have the same questions that you
have. Maybe everybody can get their answers by sharing. I do not have all the answers.Feel free to jump in and answer some of these
questions if you know the answers to them.We would like others opinions. Cheryl and I due the best job that we can do. We spend 3-4
hours a day answering questions. The only thing we ask in return is to post it on the message board for others to see. Its us against
them fellows!! And right now the fish are winning! Good Fishing to All! Sincerely, Steve 256-927-6617

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