Re: Weiss Lake Fishing Report for 2-2-2002

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Posted by Steve on February 02, 2002 at 22:17:18:

In Reply to: Re: Weiss Lake Fishing Report for 2-2-2002 posted by Mike on February 02, 2002 at 19:27:58:

Mike,It is very obvious that you have flung down the cross, so I will pick it up.Now I will tell you how it is,The State Of Alabama,DNR,Auburn,All have talked to Alabama Power and the Southern Company about the problem of the winter draw down.Southern Co. uses the 100 year flood pain which is antiquated and out of date.We have used our own records to show them how wrong they are with this draw down.They are in the process of submitting a new plan to the Corp Of Engineers to stop the drastic draw down in the winter months.Now as far as the rest of the lake and the merchants around the lake, if people do not come fishing because of the draw down it kills the local economy.Our public services depends very heavily on this tax revenue so there is much more involved than just making money off of generation.Auburn University and Dan Catchings, the Chief biologist with the State Of Alabama agree to the man that a more stable water level would improve our fishery.It makes absolutely no sense to send millions and millions of gallons of water to the Gulf.Water is a precious commidity and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that we are wasting this commidity.A few years back, ask the citizens around Lake Altoona what happened after their winter draw-down. The rains did not come in the spring, alot of business people went bankrupt and it left the lake so low that very little launching could be done on the lake.It can happen here.One bad spring here will mean millions of lost dollars.As far as what do I contribute to this lake, I work as hard or harder than anyone else around this lake, I take my time, my gas, and haul biologists around for the state chasing polluters.Mike, I haven't seen you out there.I attend every meeting concerning this lake and this community.I go out of my way to make sure that the guest that come to our county are happy and leave that way. If our waters are managed properly, it is a win win for everyone.If not, this problem will go all the way down the chain of lakes to the Gulf.Before you make any comments, maybe you should be a little more educated in the problem.It is people like you, thinking the way you think, that contributes to the problem.Also, are you aware that the Southern Company has rubber stamped the State of GA stealing of our water? I personally have been in the boat on 8-10 occasions with the Southern Company's biologists and they say what I was already thinking...If Georgia takes our water, we WILL LOSE EVERY LAKE in the Coosa Valley chain of lakes. That is not chump change.I will effect everyone in the State Of Alabama whether he fishes or not. The loss of revenue will be tremendous.So, you see it is not just draw-down, there are a lot of problems.Problems that are solvable with a little common sense and people working together.If GA has the water shortage they say they do does it make good sense to send all this water to the ocean?As you can tell, you have the hair on the back of my neck standing up. One last thing,and I will go do something more productive, my grandmother read her bible everyday and as a young man, knee high to a cricket, she told me the day would come when water would be more valuable than gold.We may not be quite there yet but we are getting close.I hope you have a good day and I hope these resources will still be available for your grandchildren and mine.When its gone, it is gone.
Sincerely, Steve Pope Weiss Lake Guide Service

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