Weiss Lake Fishing Report for 2-2-2002

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Posted by Weiss Lake Guide Service on February 02, 2002 at 18:55:22:

DATE: 2-2-02
WATER CLARITY: Lower end muddy, upper end stained,Mud still coming in from Georgia.

CRAPPIE: Slow is not a good word for it.Tough as nails.Not only do we have stained & muddy water but Alabama Power in
their infamous wisdom has jerked 5 feet of water out of this lake in 5 days.Birmingham computers controlling our water
levels.The crappie would like to go back into the coves where the water is warmer.This is not going to happen until the water
levels stabilize. For the past month we would get stable water and weather and the crappie would go on a feeding frenzy but
Mother Nature and Alabama Power has put the halt to that. All will change shortly and things will be back to normal shortly. I
have had 5-6 emails in the last few days from people that did not believe my fishing report.They believed the marina
operators. But I have made believers out of them now! I fished hard Tuesday with a gentleman out of Illinois. We fished
stained water in Round Mountain Cove. We started at 9:15 and at 11:00 we had 31.At 4:30 we still only had 31. Alabama
Power started their generating at 11:00am on Tuesday and their pulling water killed me and they are still pulling water as we
speak. I will be fishing several times in the next few days as will Butch and Harry. I will update the fishing report as things
change.To say that I am frustrated is putting it mildly!!

BASS: Forget about it!!!

STRIPE: Normal times you could follow the birds and catch fish but the birds are all at the local Burger King parking lot right
now.What does this mean? I do not have a clue.At normal times Jan - April stripe fishing is great but as we speak she ain't so
hot. But this will change pretty quickly also!!

BREAM: Where we have been bream fishing in Guntersville it is now high and muddy. Bream fishing is done for now too!

CATFISH: I do not catfish but I do talk to the catfishermen and they are wearing them out.I talked to a couple of commercial
fishermen Tuesday and they told me they were getting between 800-1000 lbs. per night on cut shad using trot lines and
boxes.Even though I do not fish for them, I sure like to eat them!

The high water we had washed in a tremendous amount of logs and blow downs. Some of them underwater, you cannot see
them until it is too late.Especially upriver.With the water level as it is today, most if not all coves upriver are difficult to get
into unless you know this water awful well.My good friends at Buck's Boats be a little bit slow, if you hot-rod on this lake right
now, Buck's is going to get pretty busy!

I am going to go back to naming coves and creeks starting at the dam in Powerhouse Lake:
For those of you that do not know, there are 2 "dams" on Weiss.One is the actual Powerhouse and the other is in Leesburg for
flood control only. The main dam created a lake unto itself.The locals call this Powerhouse Lake.Coming up river from
Powerhouse, the first cove you come to is Tillery on your left.Tillery Cove is a great place for bass and crappie when the water
comes up.It is very shallow and stumpy. Great place to break off a trolling motor before the water comes up.Even then you
need to watch what you are doing.
The channel you go up into the main lake is man-made.The purpose of the channel was the placement of Weiss dam.There
they found good solid bed-rock to build the dam.As you break out of the "cut" as we call it, you will see the flood control dam
on your right and then you will go under the Hwy. 411 bridge.
About 1 mile up you will see another large cove on your left.This cove is Churchouse Cove. As you go in it will make a sharp
turn back to your right and this is Telephone Cove. Coming out of Churchouse the are 3 small coves on your left and they are
not named.Coming past the 3 small coves you will go into a larger cove that is called Anderson Cove.Coming out of
Anderson the next cove up is Ransom Cove. Coming out of Ransom the next cove up on your left is Hawthorne Cove.(But if
you ask anyone where it is no-one will know because all locals call it Sailboat, if you see it you will know why). Coming out of
Sailboat the next cove up on your left is Chestnut Cove but, the locals call it "Crazy Woman".Years ago, there was an elderly
lady who lived in the cove on the first point and she would come out in her "birthday suit" and throw rocks at the fishermen,
therefore the locals call it crazy woman.The next large body of water you see on your left is Yellow Creek.A lot of folks fish
here.Coming out of Yellow Creek if you will look at your map you will see that there is a railroad track underwater that you can
cross over at normal pool.But, during drawdowns you will lose a prop or lower unit there.After you come out of Yellow Creek
the next cove on your left is RoundMountain Cove. This is a good place to fish and get out of the wind.Coming out of
Roundmountain the body of water on your left is called "the shortcut".(Which it is a shortcut to Little River.) This "shortcut",
unless you know the area pretty good, I strongly advise you to stay out of during low or high water.Going thru the shortcut after
you pass the rocks and sandbar on your right(which is a great place to lose a lower unit) is Black-Mallard Cove.Passing on
passed Black-Mallard Cove you drop into Little River.Turn to your left and follow the channel markers to the back end and the
cove on your right is North Spring Creek.Passing North Spring Creek you will come on up to where Little River turns back to
your right and just as it turns this area is called "the Cave Hole".If you go straight that is Wolf Creek. Coming out of Little
River, turn back to your left and this is the Chatooga River.Good place to fish but stay in the channel after you go under the
new bridge.A lot of crappie are caught up that way during early spring throwing floats.Coming out of the Chatooga and
turning left back into Little River come on up to the first land body on your left and that is Buffington's Island.At this time you
will be able to see the big bridge in Cedar Bluff.It is right at channel marker #34.
Going back down river following the river channel if you turn left at marker #22 (only during full pool) straight across is Little
Nose Creek. Coming out of Little Nose and turn left the next creek on your left is Big Nose. After coming out of Big Nose come
on down to a small island and this is called Goat Island.YOU MUST go to the right about 20 feet off the island straight
towards pole #16. Turn left and come on down the channel to pole #4 (If you want to go back up into any of the small coves
between 4 & 8 on your left you must enter at pole #4. The first cove you come to on your right is Little Sailboat.The next 2
small coves, I have no clue what they are called.The next bigger cove on your right is Jewelers Cove. Coming out of Jewelers
Cove coming back to pole #4 and going downriver the next big cove on your left is Bay Springs Cove. Come out of Bay
Springs and turn left and come on down to the next big body of water on your left is the Rose Garden.You cannot miss it
because it has a rip-rap wall all the way down to the bridge.(This is a great place to catch shad when you are stripe fishing).

Now that I have totally confused you...study hard because there will be a test!
Catch everyone later! Good Fishing! Have fun and be safe this spring! Steve 256-927-6617 www.weisslakeguideservice.com

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