Weiss Lake Fishing Report for 1-26-2002

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Posted by Weiss Lake Guide Service on January 26, 2002 at 18:26:33:


There is not much sense in giving you a detailed report because as you can see from the info above it is all bad at this
point.The lake has jumped to within a foot of summer pool and Alabama Power has is at this time pulling at full capacity. It is
going to take a least 6-10 days is my guess for things to settle down and some clear water to appear and that is presuming
that we do not get any more rain.Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but truth is truth.

So, I will go back to where I left off up river naming coves for you to mark on your maps.Last time we went from Riverside
down to Cowan Creek so today we will take Riverside up river.

If you come straight across from Riverside and go under the power lines and turn back to your left that whole area is called
Godfrey's Island.If you come out of Riverside and turn left and then another quick left and go back in that cove this is dead
boy cove.Come out of dead boy and take a left and go to the next cove and this is Tucker. Go down to where the river makes
a 45 at pole marker 95 and go just to the right of that pole and follow the docks all the way around and then back to your left
is Waterhouse Cove. If you come out of Waterhouse and go up past the big island (and by the way go to the left side of that
island) you will come on up and go around a big curve and right in that curve is a creek called Mud Creek. If you are in your
right mind do not go in there unless we are at full summer pool and even then be very, very careful.. Come on up to the next
creek on your left and this is Ball Play Creek. Keep going up and the next cove is Mountain View Cove. The next one up is
State Line Cove (this borders the Ga/AL line). On the right past Ball Play Creek are 3 coves. Stay out of them as they are
VERY shallow and stumpy even at full pool and there is not much of a channel there.

I will stay on top of developments with our water as things change I will let you know.Sorry that we are muddy as it looks like
we are going to have one of those beautiful spring weekends.Take your wife to dinner and play ball with the kids.Crappie
season coming soon! Sincerely, Steve www.weisslakeguideservice.com 256-927-6617

PS: Guess What??? Compaq finally paid me for my computer.I had to hire a lawyer in Texas to get it though.I still say "plant
your corn early, do not pee in the wind, and I still wouldn't buy a Compaq computer".

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