Weiss Lake Fishing Report for 1-11-2002

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Posted by Weiss Lake Guide Service on January 11, 2002 at 00:43:10:

DATE: 1-11-02
SURFACE TEMP: 44.1 in am - 44.5 in pm

CRAPPIE: I am at the Cincinnati Boat Show but Harry is fishing everyday. Thank God for Harry! Harry is catching good stringers of
fish on the old river channel up river out of Riverside fishing 20ft of water 10ft deep around and in the blow downs with minnows.
The stripe bass are worrying him to death! Some of the stripe are going in the 10-15lb category.I wish I could say that he was
catching them on Mrs. Cheryl's jigs but I can't. But that will change.

BASS: Catching a few in with the crappie.

STRIPE: The birds have finally started diving on the stripe. Rat'l Traps and Mrs. Cheryl's 1/16th oz. jigs trolling thru the birds works
well. Stripe activity from the big bend out of Riverside down to Trotters Cove is thick as fleas on a dogs back. Stripe doing well in the
Sailboat area under the birds. Stripe activity also strong in Powerhouse under the birds. Sand Valley also strong. Yellow Creek
strong too. Just keep looking for the birds. On a windy day, birds are not reliable, they can't see them. On windy days you will have
to go up river and fish the old river channel edge. Live bait works best free-lining. If you cannot get live bait try 3/4 oz. Rat'l Traps in
chrome & blue. Take the back hook off and mount a gold willow leaf spinner blade. Pump it and let it rise and fall. Little fishy works
good also using the same technique.

Fellows, the water be skinny! Be VERY CAREFUL! Do not attempt to go into any coves upriver unless you know the area very well.
It could be dangerous. Places to launch are also skinny. If you want to fish upriver you will have to launch at the Hawg's Den and
go around Yancy's Bend to get up river. You can launch at Bay Springs Marina to fish the middle end of the lake down to
Powerhouse. While you are on the water, keep your eyes open for places and structure that will be 6ft deep when the water comes
up. You will be amazed at the crappie and bass that you can catch off these spots that you did not know existed.
Unless you want to be part of our 1/2 off prop sale, Be Careful and watch what you are doing.
I will be on the water January 16th until I go to the Jim Strader Show in Louisville on February 14th.
Please take advantage of our message board to ask some of your questions.
If you are still interested in purchasing a lake map before you come to Weiss you can give Riverside (256-779-6117) or Centre Motel
(256-927-5156) a call and they will be happy to send one to you so that you can get familiar with some of the fishing areas before
you come.
As always if you get into trouble while in town, whether it is your car or boat, please feel free to call me and I will get you the help
you need. Whether you hire a guide or not we appreciate your business and Cherokee County appreciates your business. We do not
mind helping people with anything whether you need boat help or fishing help. We just want your trip to Cherokee County to be the
best it can be.

All of you "good ole boys" that have made a point to stop by and see me in Cincinnati, I appreciate putting a face with your names
and appreciate you coming to meet me.
Catch you when I get back to Weiss.
Be careful and good fishing!
Hope everyone had a good New Year! Sincerely, Cheryl, Steve, Butch & Harry www.weisslakeguideservice.com 256-927-6617 See
you soon!!

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