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Posted by jd on January 09, 2002 at 17:28:15:

In Reply to: Environmental lobbying groups posted by Kerry Grissett on January 09, 2002 at 00:04:04:

Gentlemen - you may be glad to hear that my daughter is feeling much better and going back to school which means no more LONG, DRY posts regarding environmental regulation or politics. haha. But, I have a few last pointers. One is to forget about lobbyists, educate yourself, and go straight to the source - the good ol' boys!

Have you noticed the drinking water reports each year that are mailed to you or published in your local paper? That was part of new EPA regulations that require consumers to be informed. The same system has been established for states to evaluate (bi-annually?) surface water quality under Clean Water Act 305(b). Alabama's latest report can be found at:


In particular, I recommend that you read Part III - Lake Water Quality Assessment, Part V - Public Health, and most importantly Part IX - Concerns and Recommendations. I believe you will find that you will be preaching to the choir if the tell ADEM or the EPA that they are not doing enough. They seem to already know! In fact, let me give you a few quotes from Part IX:

"Present funding levels will continue to challenge ADEM's Water Quality Program..."

"EPA-Region 4 believes that Alabama needs additional resources to enable its monitoring program to meet... it appears that a 30-65% increase in resources may be needed for surface water monitoring. Unfortunately increases in funding from State and federal sources are uncertain at this time." It further states that "The Department suggests the passage by the State Legislature of legislation to create local county authority to manage and plan growth and development..."

Finally, something I feel that I could sink my teeth into. Government branches are like businesses and compete for money, and they would love to have more money and more people. In fact, the extreme could be the ADEM enforcement official that comes down your street looking for someone that used a pesticide inconsistent with the product label. I can see it now... “Sir, could you please step outside. We have traced diazinon back to your lawn and feel that you dumped the whole bag on those fire ants instead of the two tablespoons that the label prescribed.” Or how about “Did you change the oil in your car and dump the oil in the empty lot?” Ok, maybe this is far fetched, but we all have responsibility to protect OUR world. FYI, I have actually seen a town that had problems with diazinon at a municipal wastewater treatment plant! If you don’t treat your bacteria nicely, they can die causing your wastewater treatment plant to discharge a lot of nasty stuff into the river. For some things, municipal wastewater treatment should be the last form of pollution prevention, not the first! This is a good topic for a rainy day, but perhaps not in a fishing forum! :-)

I would like to talk more about excessive aquatic growth leading to oxygen depletion, but I sure as heck don’t want a misunderstanding to lead to a crusade against milfoil!!! Save the bad rap for algae! After all, this is a fishing forum and we all know that milfoil is your friend.

I will still be around to put people to sleep if someone gets out of line!

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