What to do about the polluting of OUR waters?

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Posted by Kerry Grissett on January 06, 2002 at 21:42:38:

I don't know what the best course is to get the intended result, but I do know that simply sighing and saying to ourselves that there is nothing WE can do is not the answer. I am glad I started a debate about this here on the NAFF and, whether I agree with you or not, I really do appreciate the input from everyone. At least it will give other folks a chance to read and understand what we are up against and who is really interested in cleaning up our waters and who is really interested in keeping the "status quo".

I am just an amateur at all of this, but I am trying to do my part to educate and motivate people to understand that WE are the only defense there is against losing our natural resources to pollution and greed. Short term gains in the name of economic prosperity at the cost of our natural resources is the government and industrial and "welfare state" farm industry at work. Don't let them detour you from the real issue. A clean and healthy land and water habitat.

Everyone wants to have a good job in order to make a good living, but not at the cost of what we are all working for, which is something to come home to and enjoy. Given the current political and regulatory climate, it is just a matter of time before YOU are directly affected by the pollution in our waters or land. In fact, you may already be affected. Mark these words. Examples of appalling failures with the current system of EPA regulations and politics are evident in the North Alabama area and nothing more than "advisories" are what we get from the authorities (EPA). Nothing is being done to clean up the source of the problem. If agricultural run-off is a major source of the problem, then why is there nothing being done in this area to quell that? The almighty dollar. Until we get more scared of the damage that is being done to OUR environment and health than we are about losing jobs, we will only see this problem get worse and worse. Don't be intimidated. Industry, agriculture, good health and life CAN go on hand in hand, but you have to get over the fear that "some" people hand you as their defense.

Make a choice. Make a noise. What is a job without health? What is a job without something to look forward to after work? Do we sell our health for limited, temporary prosperity? How about our kids? Look at Anniston... look at Indian creek.

Kerry Grissett

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