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Posted by Kerry Grissett on January 05, 2002 at 02:21:03:

In Reply to: Here I go again.... posted by jd on January 04, 2002 at 11:02:26:

I appreciate your input. Since you do seem to be so knowledgeable on the EPA and other regulations I have to ask why? What was/is your occupation? As for the political side... As long as we are willing to keep putting the same, um politicians back into office time after time, then nothing will change. Maybe if the politicians know that they don't have a life long job as elected officials they will act more responsibly. Maybe not. I do think that even a good person would be corrupted in our present political climate, given enough time.

I think we are all tired of lame excuses for the failure of the regulatory agencies to effectively stop polluters. The Anniston catastrophe is a prime example of a KNOWN ongoing situation which was allowed by all agencies to continue. And even continues today since a full cleanup is still not in the works. Now let us look at Indian creek near Redstone Arsenal. We have had a DDT advisory for years, but NOTHING, absolutely nothing is being done to quell the source of this pollution. What is a reasonable person to think? It is obvious, as you and I have both said, the dollar is the driving force. When the enforcement and fines are high enough to make it less profitable to pollute and to pay the fines, etc. we may have a solution. In the interim, all I know to do is "make noise". The squeeky wheel gets the grease.

Yes it costs a lot of money to regulate pollution, but the long term costs of letting it go on and then to "try" and get it cleaned up is much more astronomical than the prevention, without a doubt. This not only in terms of cash dollars, but in the qualilty of our lives. Those who are the polluters should carry the brunt of the financial burden for the regulation of their pollution. It is a really bad joke to have "self-regulating" industry when it comes to pollution, which is what we now have, in effect. It also leads any reasonable person to believe, IMHO correcty, that at the very least the regulatory agencies are failing miserably to do their jobs and our politicians are perfectly willing to let it go on. Anniston is as good an example as I can think of. You should really read the articles, not just scan them.

Thanks again for your input, but I would really like to hear something from you about how and what can be done to correct this situation. You seem to know a lot about the problem and reasons/excuses why it is hard to make it better but you seem to have nothing or at least very little to say about possible solutions. Now I am not trying to start anything, but I would think someone who seems to have so much knowledge and apparently actual experience with this problem would at least have a few ideas about solution. Wouldn't you?

Kerry Grissett

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