Pollution in Alabama - reactive solutions???

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Posted by Kerry Grissett on January 03, 2002 at 21:33:36:

I guess what makes me so mad about the problem with pollution of our land and waters in Alabama and the nation for that matter, is that the agencies that are "supposed" to be keeping watch on the likely suspects are only "re-active" and not pro-active. Why do we only find out about the source of OBVIOUS problems long years AFTER the fact? Is it still going on now? YOU BET!!!!!!!!!

Until we get the responsible agencies to be PRO-ACTIVE, we will never know until it is too late. And, IMHO, it is too late already. If the quest for the almight dollar means that we must sell our children's future health and quality of life, then I vote to slow down and pay the price now to keep our environment (our greatest natural resource on which we all depend for our lives) clean and healthy. Politicians and industry have lied to us time and time again and I am sick of it. Will writing our congressmen do any good? I don't know, but I doubt it. We have re-elected the same "ole boys" for so long and the money it takes to actually get into office is as much a corruption of the pollitical system as I can think of.

Am I pessimistic about the future for our waters and environment? You bet! The evidence is in and it shows, without a doubt that the almight dollar is all that matters to the powers that be. A nice "short term" solution to long term problems. I sincerely hope that my son will have clean waters to fish and be able to eat those fish without fear, but I seriously doubt that he will be able to given the present climate. I don't allow cursing in this forum, but I am as close to cursing as I have ever been concerning this matter.

MAKE A NOISE!!!! It may not make a difference, but writing your federal, state, county, and city representatives is a start. The next thing is to show your feelings at the polls. VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS. The "good ole boy" network has got to go!

Good luck and good fishin'

Kerry Grissett

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