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Posted by jd on January 03, 2002 at 17:00:49:

In Reply to: graph/fishfinder posted by fiddle worm on January 02, 2002 at 13:29:57:

I bought a new ff about six months ago and found the bass fishing homepage discussions to be very helpful at

I bought the $299 Accura 240 Wal-Mart FLW package which included the speed and temperature sensor. At the time, there was much confusion about the Accura 240 and whether or not it had battery backup. I had my boat in the shop once for a couple of weeks and had to reconfigure the ff settings due to loss of memory. If it accepts batteries, I have not seen where to put them. It must have a capacitor to retain memory for some period of time, but I am not sure how long. It does not lose memory in an hour or so is about all I can tell you. Some claim to remove it from their boat each week with no loss of memory. Perhaps the Wal-Mart unit is built to different specs??? Nonetheless, loss of memory is not a big deal for me since I use mostly the default auto settings and rarely remove the unit from my boat. The menus are easy to navigate and the distance log (based on the speed sensor) has helped me estimate fuel economy, boat range, and hours of operation. Being thrilled with such trivial features is evidence that I do not have a fancy boat, right? I am easily amused except that 38 mph in a flat bottom boat with a range of 60 miles sounds good until a thunderstorm slips up on you or the water gets a little bit choppy! No more winter sauger fishing until my heart stops pounding from an incident involving 15 mph winds, 3 foot waves, and a cold soggy ride home after fishing below Wheeler dam about a week ago.

The other thing I found confusing was the difference between high power and lower power units versus shallow water (i.e. AL lakes) and deep water (i.e. ocean or Tim's Ford). I opted for the low power Accura due to fishing mostly "shallow" water. I do like the resolution and sensitivity of the Accura unit. If I had it to go over again, I would again buy the Accura 240. But coming from someone fishing in freezing temperatures in a 16' flat bottom with 15 mph winds, you may wish to seek additional advice!

Do a search at the above site, and probably this one too, and you may find some opinions to help you decide.

Good luck!

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